Anti-inflammatory agents boost malaria survival rates

Robert Hancock, a UBC microbiologist, has developed anti-inflammatory agents that, when used in combination with anti-malarial drugs, boost survival rates of severe malaria by as much as 50 percent. Read More »

NIH gives $5.9 million grant to for new tuberculosis vaccine

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University have been granted a five year, $5.9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop a new vaccine against tuberculosis. Read More »

Flu vaccine estimates lower than originally estimated

Flu vaccine makers have started to release production estimates that show a somewhat lower total of vaccinations than was estimated last year. Read More »

Gates Foundation may team with Serum Institute for polio vaccine

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation may collaborate with the Serum Institute in Pune, India, to develop an injectable polio vaccine. Read More »

California Senate approves healthcare worker flu vaccination bill

The California Senate approved a substantially reworked bill requiring healthcare facilities to hit a 90 percent flu vaccine health worker compliance rate by 2015. Read More »

Ireland plans national measles vaccination campaign after outbreak

Public health authorities in Ireland are preparing to roll out a national measles vaccination campaign following a major outbreak in County Cork. Read More »

Girl dies from XXDR-TB in India

A 13-year-old Indian girl infected with a strain of tuberculosis resistant to all known anti-TB drugs recently died from the illness. Read More »

Boy diagnosed with bird flu in Hong Kong

Hong Kong health authorities were on high alert on Monday after a toddler was diagnosed with bird flu over the weekend, representing the area's first human case of the disease in more than a year. Read More »

Colorado governor appears in PSA for whooping cough vaccine

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is appearing in a Colorado health department campaign to raise the rates of childhood vaccination, especially the rates of vaccination against whooping cough. Read More »

Florida County hit by TB outbreak among homeless

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported a major increase in the tuberculosis rate among the homeless in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. Read More »

Study shows vaccinations of U.S. children declined after autism controversy

New research has shown that fewer parents in the United States vaccinated their children after hearing about a now refuted link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Read More »

Washington state surpasses 2,000 pertussis cases

Washington state has had more than 2,000 reported cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, since the beginning of 2012, hitting numbers that the state has not experienced since the 1940s. Read More »

Sanofi may have dengue vaccine by 2015

Sanofi is hoping for positive results in September from an important dengue vaccine trial among children in Thailand that would allow it to market a vaccination by 2015. Read More »

Twenty-nine infected with TB at Chinese middle school

Local health authorities in China reported that 29 people have been confirmed to be infected with tuberculosis at a middle school in Anhui province. Read More »

New technique measures malaria risk in infants

Researchers working in Papua New Guinea recently developed a new technique that determines the risk infants face in developing clinical malaria in malaria endemic countries. Read More »

European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership turns eye to TB vaccines

Charles Mgone, originally an instructor on poverty-related diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS, has turned his attention to developing clinical trials for vaccines. Read More »

Vaccinating against H1N1 during pregnancy may cut premature birth risk

Pregnant women receiving the H1N1 influenza vaccine were found less likely to have a preterm or smaller than normal baby, according to a prospective study published in the American Journal of Public Health. Read More »

Malaria drug therapy hailed

Giving children in malaria endemic countries a monthly injection against the illness could save the lives of thousands every year, according to a recently released report. Read More »

Delamanid shows success against MDR-TB

A novel type of antibiotic recently tested on patients with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis cleared the subjects' lung fluid of bacteria in half of the cases. Read More »

Cholera outbreak in Ghana begins to subside

After more than 4,000 cholera cases and 64 deaths in Ghana this year following a first quarter cholera outbreak, health officials in Accra have announced a significant decline in the number of cases. Read More »