Flu activity on rise in Southern Hemisphere

Influenza activity has experienced a significant upswing in some countries in the Southern Hemisphere, including Brazil, Bolivia, New Zealand and Australia, according to the World Health Organization. Read More »

Researchers identify new target for anti-malaria drug

International researchers have identified the first reported inhibitors of a key malaria parasite enzyme that could lead to the basis for developing novel anti-malaria drugs. Read More »

Study shows success against TB with combo therapy

An experimental combination of medication was recently proven capable of killing regular and drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis. Read More »

Study develops sustainable disease surveillance model

A newly published study examined a research team's efforts to increase disease surveillance in Southeast Asia with a focus on sustainability. Read More »

Health advisory declared in Guatemala after dengue outbreak

Guatemala issued a national health advisory on Sunday evening after a dengue hemorrhagic fever outbreak led to four deaths and 256 overall confirmed cases. Read More »

Cholera cases continue to rise in Sierra Leone

More than 4,000 cases of cholera have been confirmed in Sierra Leone as of Monday by the country's Ministry of Health and Sanitation. Read More »

Tuberculosis infected escaped prisoner recaptured in Jamaica

An escaped prisoner in Jamaica with tuberculosis was recently recaptured by local authorities. Read More »

Liberian president asks for additional funding to fight malaria

African leaders are calling for more funding to increase malaria control efforts aimed at preventing approximately 640 million cases by the end of 2015. Read More »

Pertussis outbreak in Wash. continues to worsen

As the pertussis outbreak in Washington state continues to worsen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a new infection rate of 13 times more than at this time in 2011. Read More »

Countries debate paying more for AIDS epidemic

Global health experts and donor countries debated this week about whether more or less money should be invested to control the AIDS epidemic during a meeting at the World Bank headquarters in Washington DC. Read More »

Indiana online tool offers vaccination record access

The Indian State Department of Health recently unveiled a new online tool that allows residents to have direct access to their immunization records. Read More »

MSF completes DRC malaria project

The non-profit public health organization Medicins Sans Frontiers, also known as Doctors Without Borders, recently handed over control of an emergency malaria project to the Democratic Republic of Congo after treating nearly 40,000 people for the mosquito-borne illness. Read More »

Resistance to HIV drugs spreads in Africa

A study to assess the global trend of HIV drug resistance has determined that resistance against antiretroviral drugs is rising in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Read More »

N.H. hepatitis outbreak causes concern in other states

A former traveling hospital lab technician may have put hundreds or thousands of patients at risk after contracting hepatitis C and allegedly tampering with consumer products. Read More »

Sanofi's dengue vaccine shows promise

Early results from an efficacy trial of an experimental vaccine against dengue fever have shown promise. Read More »

U.K. to offer all children flu vaccine

Great Britain will soon become the first country in the world to make a seasonal influenza vaccination program available to all children free of charge. Read More »

Bird flu exercise held in Malaysia

An exercise to prepare for an H5N1 bird flu outbreak has been conducted in Kelantan, Malaysia, by multiple members of the area's veterinary and health departments. Read More »

Whooping cough outbreak leads to five deaths in the U.K.

A total of 2,466 cases of whooping cough have been confirmed in the United Kingdom between January and June, leading to five infant deaths. Read More »

Pakistani police called to aid in polio vaccinations

Health workers in Pakistan have called on police to help administer the polio vaccine to children whose parents refuse the immunization on religious grounds. Read More »

Afghanistan anti-measles campaign reaches 5.6 million

A United Nations-backed government anti-measles campaign in Afghanistan has vaccinated more than 5.6 million children in its first two weeks. Read More »