Multi-drug resistant TB case reported in Indiana

A case of tuberculosis in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has recently proven resistant to multiple treatments. Read More »

Indonesia plans to eliminate malaria on Java by 2015

The Indonesian government has announced a plan to eradicate malaria from the island of Java by 2015, even though the disease continues to spread through parts of the island. Read More »

CDC reports measles fatality in France

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a fatality from measles with acute respiratory distress syndrome but no rash in a 29-year-old woman in France. Read More »

Totally drug-resistant TB cases considered artifacts

The 12 cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis identified recently in India, like the original two cases confirmed in Italy in 2003, are being considered artifacts, created by poorly chosen and insufficient drug treatment. Read More »

Universal flu vaccine could be ready for trials next year

A universal influenza vaccine could potentially be ready for human trials as early as next year. Read More »

Fake malaria drugs damaging Africa's fight

Researchers have determined that poor quality and fake anti-malaria drugs are causing damage to the attempt to control the disease in Africa and could risk millions of lives. Read More »

Harrington HealthCare System to require masks for employees who aren't vaccinated

Harrington HealthCare System in Southbridge, Massachusetts, will require all physicians, volunteers and employees who do not receive the flu vaccine to wear surgical masks when in patient areas or within six feet of patients. Read More »

Measles outbreak hits the Ukraine

A measles outbreak was recently reported in the western portion of the Ukraine. Read More »

TB case confirmed at Wichita State University

Wichita State University officials confirmed that a student has tested positive for tuberculosis. Read More »

New Zealand researchers make meningococcal B vaccine breakthrough

Research drawing on New Zealand's meningococcal B vaccine campaign has been praised as a potential breakthrough in the fight against the deadly disease. Read More »

German scientists synthesize anti-malaria drugs from waste materials

German scientists have discovered a cheap and simple method to synthesize anti-malaria drugs in large quantities from waste materials. Read More »

Pakistan calls for 50 precent drop in TB by 2015

Pakistan's National Tuberculosis Control Program this week called for a 50 percent drop in TB incidence and mortality rates by the year 2015. Read More »

La Nina may increase likelihood of influenza pandemics

The La Nina phenomenon may increase the likelihood of influenza pandemics. Read More »

Mumbai pulmonologist warns of totally drug-resistant TB

A top pulmonologist from Mumbai recently told the Indian government that he diagnosed 12 cases of tuberculosis in the city that are completely resistant to all current treatments. Read More »

CDC discovers pseudo-outbreak of whooping cough in Colorado

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has discovered that a cluster of suspected cases of whooping cough in Colorado was likely a "pseudo-outbreak," the result of contaminated test samples. Read More »

CDC experts reassured by low levels of influenza infection

The low number of influenza cases reported in the United States is reassuring to public health experts after years of dealing with the H1N1 strain. Read More »

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control holds malaria forum

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control recently held a forum for malaria experts to discuss transmission risks on the continent and to propose preventative actions. Read More »

Measles cases on the rise in Spain

Measles cases in Spain rose from 173 cases in 2010 to close to 2,000 cases last year, leading to a pediatrician group's request to move the vaccination period three months earlier. Read More »

Max Planck Institute scientists develop simple artemisinin synthesizing process

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces have developed a simple method of synthesizing the artemisinin molecule, which is used as an anti-malaria drug. Read More »

Taliban to allow polio vaccination campaign in border area

After facing consistent pressure over the issue, the Afghan Taliban recently announced that it will permit a polio vaccination campaign to commence in the volatile Afghanistan-Pakistan border area. Read More »