Whooping cough cases surge in England and Wales

Parents in England and Wales have been urged to get their children vaccinated against whooping cough, also known as pertussis, after cases of the illness rose by 147 percent in 2011. Read More »

Michigan officials laud childhood vaccination programs

According to Michigan health officials, a preliminary disease case count report for 2011 indicates that childhood vaccination programs continue to work against chickenpox, mumps and pertussis. Read More »

WHO announces two deaths from H5N1 avian influenza

The World Health Organization announced the deaths of two men on Thursday, one from China and the other from Egypt, from H5N1 avian influenza. Read More »

Totally drug-resistant TB strikes India

Indian public health authorities are concerned by the recent detection of 12 cases of a new strain of drug resistant tuberculosis. Read More »

Washington University scientists map key malaria protein

Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis were recently able to map the structure of a key protein the malaria parasite uses to survive. Read More »

Disgraced autism-vaccine linker Wakefield sues British Medical Journal

Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who incorrectly linked vaccines to autism, has filed a defamation suit in Texas against the British Medical Journal, its editor and its owner. Read More »

Experts say new influenza virus strain needs no new precautions

While a new influenza virus strain known as H3N2v has been discovered in Illinois and Iowa, experts say there is no need to take extra precaution because it has not yet spread between humans. Read More »

HHS preparing novel H3N2 vaccine trials

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently began preparing for clinical trials of a vaccine targeting a novel H3N2 influenza virus strain that has infected 12 people. Read More »

Areas announces partnership for new TB vaccine candidates

Non-profit tuberculosis vaccine developer Aeras and the China National Biotec Group recently announced that they have reached an agreement to collaborate on new TB vaccine candidates. Read More »

Vaccination offers 98 percent protection against rotavirus

During a press conference underscoring the important of vaccinations against rotavirus, the most common and lethal diarrheal disease, experts confirmed that vaccination can offer up to 98 percent protection against the disease. Read More »

Wisconsin parents choosing to skip immunizations

An increasing number of parents in the state of Wisconsin have chosen not to have their children immunized against measles and other diseases. Read More »

Internet-based news feeds found to be faster at determining disease progression

A new study recently revealed that internet-based news and Twitter feeds were faster than traditional means at determining the onset and progression of the Haitian cholera epidemic that killed more than 6,500 people. Read More »

One active case of TB confirmed at Pennsylvania high school

Only one case of active tuberculosis remains confirmed at a Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, high school after 200 students and staff were tested for the lung infection. Read More »

Ohio State research shows how pathogens can be blocked from entering cells

New research at Ohio State University has demonstrated that the drugs used to fight infectious diseases could be designed to block a pathogen from entering into healthy cells. Read More »

India on the verge of becoming polio-free

Despite years of skepticism that India would ever be able to stop polio from paralyzing its children, the country has shifted the balance and is on the verge of being declared free of polio. Read More »

Measles cases in China fall to record low

Measles cases in China reached a record low in 2011, a spokesman for the Chinese Department of Health announced recently. Read More »

IDRI receives funding for its Tuberculosis Drug Accelerator program

The Infectious Disease Research Institute recently announced that it has received more than $500,000 in supplemental funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for its Tuberculosis Drug Accelerator program. Read More »

Boston College researchers genetically block malaria's progression

Boston College researchers have located a protein that plays a major role in the progression of malaria and toxoplasmosis and have demonstrated that its function could be genetically blocked. Read More »

Measles cases confirmed in Kansas county

Health officials in Finney County, which is located in southwest Kansas, have confirmed two measles cases and launched an investigation into those who might be at risk for the disease. Read More »

Google may aid doctors in preparing for flu surges

The search engine Google may help physicians gauge when they should prepare to see a surge in flu cases. Read More »