Avesthagen teams with CosmosID for TB diagnosis method

Avesthagen Limited, an Indian systems biology biotechnology company, has signed a memorandum of understanding with CosmosID, a U.S. based company, to collaborate on better diagnosis and management of tuberculosis treatment. Read More »

Black market malaria medication could cause dramatic rise in disease's spread

Health officials in the Asia-Pacific region have issued a warning against black market malaria medication that they said could lead to a dramatic rise in the incidence of the mosquito-borne illness. Read More »

Measles outbreak reported in Indiana

Indiana health officials recently reported that they are trying to contain an outbreak of measles that has infected at least a dozen people in two counties. Read More »

More pediatricians "firing" unimmunized patients

A Connecticut study has shown that pediatricians fed up with parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are "firing" such families from their practices, raising questions of doctors' responsibilities to their patients. Read More »

New culture TB bacteria may allow more extensive disease research

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a new way to culture tuberculosis bacteria that might lead to new treatments and insights through more extensive research. Read More »

Organization representing 340 companies supports mandatory healthcare worker flu shots

An organization representing 340 U.S. companies recently came out in support of mandatory flu shots for healthcare workers. Read More »

Lassa fever epidemic hits Nigeria

The government of Rivers State, Nigeria, recently confirmed that it is battling an outbreak of Lassa fever, a highly-lethal hemorrhagic virus carried by rodents. Read More »

Max Planck Institute breakthrough could speed artemisinin drug creation

German scientists at the Max Planck Institute published a paper this month on their method to take the waste product from creating the malaria drug artemisinin and convert it into the drug itself. Read More »

Measles outbreak strikes U.K. county

A measles outbreak has been declared in Merseyside county in the United Kingdom after 13 confirmed cases and 16 suspected cases, resulting in hospitalizations for six people. Read More »

Seven states mulling legislation to skip mandatory immunizations

Lawmakers in seven states are weighing legislation to make it easier for parents to skip mandatory immunization requirements for their children. Read More »

Hartford, Conn., faces TB scare

Public health officials are conducting tuberculosis testing on the staff and hundreds of visitors to a healthcare center in Hartford, Connecticut. Read More »

Indiana town reports 14 measles cases

John Ditslear, the mayor of Noblesville, Indiana, has confirmed that one of the city's employees has been diagnosed with measles, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the area to 14. Read More »

New malaria treatment passes first pre-clinical study

A malaria treatment developed with the help of Industrial Research Ltd. in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, has passed its first pre-clinical study. Read More »

New predictive model differntiates between dengue fever types

Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch recently developed a predictive model to differentiate between dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Read More »

Indiana school district bars students who aren't vaccinated against the measles

A school district in Indiana has refused to allow students not vaccinated against the measles to attend classes in the wake of an outbreak that continues to spread. Read More »

Risk of XDR-TB in the U.S. low, expert says

According to the World Health Organization, the reported strain of tuberculosis that caused 12 cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis in India in January is more accurately described as extensively drug-resistant TB. Read More »

Cholera outbreak hits the Republic of Congo

A health official with the Republic of Congo has confirmed approximately 340 cholera cases in recent months that have resulted in nine deaths since June. Read More »

North Carolina records first pediatric flu death of the season

North Carolina recorded its first pediatric death from complications related to influenza this season when a six-year old died from the illness this week. Read More »

Compound class found to stop TB growth

A team of researchers at Colorado State University may be one step closer to finding a cure for drug-resistant tuberculosis after making a discovery about a compound class that stops the growth of the bacterium. Read More »

Flu vaccines for pregnant women may protect against low infant birth weight

According to a study published on Tuesday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, administering influenza vaccinations to pregnant women may protect infants against low birth weight. Read More »