MenAfriVac vaccination results remain steady in Burkina Faso

A study conducted in Burkina Faso in December 2011, one year after the introduction of MenAfriVac, found that estimates of vaccination coverage did not differ significantly from estimates of coverage during the 2010 campaign. Read More »

CDC reports national shortage of important TB medication

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Doctor passes hepatitis B to at least two patients

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Tainted pharmacy files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The Massachusetts-based pharmacy implicated in a deadly outbreak of meningitis across the United States recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Read More »

Flu activity increases in Northern Hemisphere

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Tamiflu approved for children as young as two weeks old

The FDA expanded the approved use of Tamiflu this week to include children as young as two weeks old who show symptoms of flu for no longer than two days. Read More »

Two Michigan children die of flu

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Wall Street Journal readers help Indian TB patient over holidays

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United Kingdom approves antiviral use for flu

The United Kingdom Department of Health issued guidance last week on the use of antiviral drugs to manage patients presenting flu-like illness in groups at higher risk of developing flu complications. Read More »

Flu activity on the rise in the United Kingdom

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HBV study conducted on pregnant women in Nigeria

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Charity warns of measles epidemic in central Africa

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Smoking leads to false negatives in TB test

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United Kingdom whooping cough cases remain high in November

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Experts disagree over H5N1 as HHS select agent

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Typhoid vaccine shortage hits U.K.

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Israeli Health Ministry amends cervical cancer vaccine recommendations

In an effort to make a recent cervical cancer vaccine decision stick, Israel's Health Ministry amended recommendations by the Health Basket Committee prior to cabinet approval. Read More »

HHS issues another flu shot recommendation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently repeated its recommendation that those who have not had a flu shot should get one quickly. Read More »

Study: Smoking proves deadlier for HIV patients

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The Gambia stresses immunization as part of Millennium Development Goals

The European Union's Charge D'Affairs to the Gambia recently said that the country is making mixed progress towards the attainment of its Millennium Development Goals. Read More »