Syria begins childhood polio, measles immunization campaign

UNICEF announced on Wednesday that a mass immunization campaign in Syria implemented by the Ministry of Health was underway to protect young children from measles and polio. Read More »

CEOs call on countries to remove HIV travel bans

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Measles outbreak in Pakistan kills 28 in last two weeks

Measles Read More »

SynCon flu vaccine more effective in elderly than traditional seasonal vaccine

Inovio Pharmaceuticals recently reported the results of a phase I clinical trial showing that its synthetic influenza vaccine SynCon can provide better protection for the elderly than current vaccines. Read More »

MVA85A tested in study with infants of HIV-positive mothers

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Steinglass: Culture of learning could improve immunization programs

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Roll Back Malaria Partnership warns of $3.6 billion funding shortfall in Africa

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Arkansas reports first death from influenza this year

The Arkansas Department of Health recently confirmed the state's first flu death of the season. Read More »

Global market for pediatric vaccines could reach $23 billion by 2015

The market for pediatric vaccines is projected to hit a value of more than $23 billion globally by 2015, according to a recent market analysis. Read More »

GAVI plans rotavirus vaccine introduction in 40 countries by 2015

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South African medical board continues to deny access to TB treatment

The South African Medicines Control Council intends to continue denying compassionate use or pre-approval access to a treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis. Read More »

Pfizer to pay increased quarterly dividend

Pfizer, Inc., recently announced an increased dividend for its common stock. Read More »

NIH supports meningitis vaccine effort in Africa

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Silk stabilizer could eliminate need to refrigerate vaccines

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African immunization conference issues recommendations for public health

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BARDA and JHU team up to evaluate near-the-patient flu diagnostics

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GBD 2010: Childhood mortality down worldwide

The World Health Organization announced on Thursday that a systematic disease report has determined that childhood mortality is much lower than it was 20 years ago. Read More »

Progress in battle against malaria may be slowing down

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TB testing for Malaysians traveling to Britain begins on December 31

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Michigan school closed due to flu-like illnesses

Schools in L'Anse, Michigan, were recently closed for 2.5 days because of significant absences due to illness. Read More »