Scientists discover how immune cells determine identity

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India monitors inbound tourists for SARS-like virus

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British public health pleased with pertussis vaccine uptake figures among pregnant women

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India adopts TB patient charter

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More virulent bird flu found in Indonesia

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Effects from tainted steroid injection still being felt

New cases continue to arise in the tainted steroid injection fungal meningitis outbreak, even in patients already treated and sent home, despite the end of the 42-day risk period for contracting the disease. Read More »

Study shows ways to improve vaccination rates

A new study suggests that assigning vaccination responsibilities to healthcare facility office staff and having clinicians remind patients about the need for immunizations may improve influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates. Read More »

New TB drug trial enrolls first patient

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GAVI Alliance presents awards for increasing immunization access

The GAVI Alliance presented awards to countries and advocates last week to celebrate their achievements in increasing access to immunization at the GAVI Partners' Forum in Tanzania. Read More »

Novel coronavirus can infect cells from range of animals

Researchers working with the novel coronavirus that infected patients from three Middle Eastern countries found that the virus can infect cells from multiple species, according to a study released on Tuesday. Read More »

GAVI CEO recognizes link between vaccination rates and economic growth

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New York City has high rates of STDs, TB and hepatitis C

A recently re-examined study of New York City ZIP codes showed that several disease rates in some areas are soaring. Read More »

Flu comes early to Wisconsin

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U.N. launches $2.2 billion cholera initiative

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GSK, Vodafone partner for vaccine project in Mozambique

GlaxoSmithKline recently partnered with telecommunications company Vodafone to increase vaccinations among children in Mozambique. Read More »

IDRI wins grant to develop TB vaccine adjuvant

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Nuron Biotech acquires meningitidis vaccine from Pfizer

Nuron Biotech, Inc., an Exton, Pennsylvania-based biologics and vaccines company, announced the acquisition of a vaccine for the prevention of disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C on Monday. Read More »

Millions continue to wait for treatments for neglected diseases

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Increasing numbers of Arizona parents choosing vaccine exemptions for kids

A recent study found vaccination rates lower among Arizona kindergartners attending charter schools that those who attend public schools. Read More »

NovaDigm cross-kingdom vaccine shows promise

NovaDigm Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company specializing in vaccines to fight fungal and bacterial infections, recently announced positive results from a phase I study of a vaccine to against the fungus Candida and the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. Read More »