Jordan: Novel coronavirus cases were isolated

After recently confirming two fatal infections with a novel coronavirus in Jordan in April, the Jordanian health ministry said on Sunday that no additional cases have surfaced in the country since April. Read More »

TB testing for university students starts in Saskatchewan

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Microsoft deploys biometric TB monitoring system

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Lancet addresses emerging infectious vector-borne diseases

A recent series of articles warns that human activities are advancing the spread of vector-borne zoonotic diseases. Read More »

ECDC and WHO recommend resumption of TB vaccination program in Romania

The World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control issued a recommendation on Friday to resume Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination against tuberculosis in Romania. Read More »

Bovine TB may spread via badgers

A recent study in the United Kingdom found a clear link that badgers spread bovine tuberculosis to cattle, adding further justification to a government plan to cull badgers to combat the disease. Read More »

NIH appoints Nakamura to CSR director position

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MSF critical of GAVI Alliance supply strategy

The international aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières recently released a brief warning that current childhood vaccine supply and procurement practices are leading to national and international shortages. Read More »

TB case in Saskatchewan leads to government action

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Researchers predict U.S. TB cases counts by country of origin

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N.Z. university receives EC grant to study the relationship between TB and type 2 diabetes

The European Commission recently awarded a New Zealand University $416,000 to study the relationship between tuberculosis and type 2 diabetes. Read More »

Xpert TB diagnostic could substantially raise number of confirmed TB cases

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TB cases reported at two San Diego County schools

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Protein in platelets may be key to battling malaria

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FDA mulls altered-mosquito dengue control plan

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Experts concerned about NDM-1 superbug found in Toronto

Infection control experts in Toronto continue to be concerned by the discovery of a new form of superbug found in two area hospitals. Read More »

GAVI plans to vaccinate 30 million girls against HPV by 2020

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Darfur yellow fever outbreak is deadliest in decades

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Rhode Island reports increased flu activity

The top public health official in Rhode Island recently said that influenza has become widespread throughout the state. Read More »

MedImmune begins FluMist distribution

MedImmune recently announced that it is shipping FluMist, an intranasal trivalent influenza vaccine, to distributors in time for the 2012-2013 flu season. Read More »