Two die from Chicago Legionnaires disease outbreak

Two deaths have been reported following a Legionnaires' disease outbreak at a downtown Chicago Marriott hotel this summer, the Chicago Department of Public Health reported on Monday. Read More »

Funding cuts, economy result in more West Nile virus cases

Government spending cuts and a difficult economy are two factors in the increased spread of West Nile virus via mosquitoes this year, according to new reports. Read More »

Scientists make case for new TB vaccines

Researchers with the CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology in Chandigarh, India, published a review on Tuesday of the ineffectiveness of the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin tuberculosis vaccine and the proposed use of lipidated-promiscuous-peptide vaccines. Read More »

Multi drug-resistant TB reported at alarming levels worldwide

Tuberculosis capable of resisting as many as four powerful antibiotic drugs has been reported by scientists at alarming levels in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America recently. Read More »

Louisiana reports 45 new West Nile cases, three deaths

Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals confirmed 53 new human cases of West Nile virus this week, bringing the state's total number of cases for 2012 to 145. Read More »

Report: Flu transmits prior to appearance of symptoms

A new research study conducted by Imperial College London that examines influenza transmission in ferrets suggested that the virus can be transmitted before symptoms of the disease appear. Read More »

Cholera outbreak in Cuba ends

Cuban health officials announced on Tuesday that the June cholera outbreak that infected 417 people and killed three is over. Read More »

Effect of malaria on red blood cells determined by researchers

Researchers have discovered how a protein affects red blood cells when malaria infects a human host, which could aid in determining new strategies to fight the disease. Read More »

Canada secures new supply of TB vaccine

A new supply of tuberculosis vaccine has been secured by Health Canada after the country's sole supplier recalled all of its products earlier this year. Read More »

Arkansas confirms two measles cases

The Arkansas Department of Health confirmed two measles cases on Thursday and a possible third case in Gentry, Arkansas, which is located in Benton County. Read More »

Researchers plot first steps of flu antibody development

Scientists with the National Institutes of Health are mapping how a type of immature immune cell responds to the influenza virus to determine how the cells can create a wide range of antibodies. Read More »