Texas inmate dies of tuberculosis

Officials have announced that an inmate in the custody at the Potter County Detention Center in Amarillo, Texas, most likely died of tuberculosis. Read More »

HIV vaccine research receives $7.8 million in grants from NIH

The National Institute of Health's National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded 14 grants to fund basic research to identify new approaches to designing a safe and effective HIV vaccine. Read More »

Universal flu vaccine tested in Canada

A new flu vaccine is being tested in Manitoba, Canada, that would protect against multiple flu strains, allowing people to get only one flu shot in their life time. Read More »

U.S. experiencing worst outbreak of West Nile virus ever

A wet spring and a mild winter are two of the contributing factors to the worst outbreak of West Nile virus in the United States since the disease was first detected there in 1999, the CDC reports. Read More »

Fina signs licensing deal for pneumococcal conjugate vaccines

Fina Biosolutions, a Rockville, Maryland-based biotechnology company, signed a licensing deal this week with the Chengdu Institute of Biological Products in Chengdu, China, to develop and manufacture pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the Asian country. Read More »

New technology could reduce drug counterfeiting

A team of Georgia Institute of Technology researchers has developed a new technology that reduces the amount of time needed to check a drug sample for authenticity to reduce the proliferation of poor-quality drugs. Read More »

WHO issues global alert following Sierra Leone cholera outbreak

The World Health Organization issued a Global Alert and Response on Wednesday related to the cholera epidemic in Sierra Leone that has caused 11,653 cases of the bacterial disease and 216 deaths this year. Read More »

West Nile virus outbreak the largest ever reported in the U.S.

New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have revealed that the recent West Nile virus outbreak is the largest ever reported in the United States. Read More »

Majority of kindergartners received vaccines for new school year

Federal health officials on Thursday said that most kindergartners in the United States received their recommended vaccines for measles and other diseases during the 2011-12 school year but that unvaccinated clusters continue to pose a health risk. Read More »

Georgia woman who failed to treat TB arrested

A Georgia woman sought by law enforcement because she could expose people to tuberculosis attempted to run away from officers on Wednesday and was captured shortly thereafter. Read More »

Cholera spreads through West African slums

A cholera outbreak is spreading through West Africa's coastal slums, including the capitals of Sierra Leone and Guinea, representing one of the worst regional outbreaks in recent memory. Read More »

Six dead in Legionnaire's outbreak in Quebec

Sixty-five people have been infected and six killed after a Legionnaire's disease outbreak in Quebec that began in mid-July. Read More »

Parents who choose not to get their kids vaccinated putting others at risk, study shows

New research from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing reports that parents worried about the safety of vaccinations have caused a new problem in the comeback of their grandparents' childhood diseases. Read More »

Ohio H3N2v cases rise to 98

The number of human cases of the H3N2v strain of swine flu in Ohio hiss hit 98 since July, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Read More »

Sierra Leone cholera outbreak death toll hits 224

The World Health Organization confirmed that more than 12,000 people have been infected with cholera in Sierra Leone between the beginning of January and August 24 with at least 224 reported fatalities. Read More »

Vaccinations called for after rise in confirmed British measles cases

The first six months of 2012 have seen almost twice as many confirmed cases of measles in England and Wales compared to the same period in 2011, according to figures published on Friday. Read More »

Soligenix CEO discusses vaccine development

Soligenix CEO and President Christopher Schaber said this week that despite his company's setbacks, even negative results can provide valuable ifnormation. Read More »

CSU receives $3.65 million in TB grants from Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will support researchers at Colorado State University with five grants to further their research on the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Read More »

U.K. plans to spend $3.16 million on Sierra Leone cholera

The United Kingdom is activating a $3.16 million emergency plan to stop the cholera epidemic from spreading in the African state of Sierra Leone after more than 200 people have died. Read More »

Researchers developing single-dose malaria vaccine

Researchers at the University of Cape Town have pioneered a new drug that could potentially serve as a single-dose vaccine against malaria. Read More »