New members join PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative

A group of the world's most eminent malaria scientists and vaccinologists have been named to the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative's vaccine development council - a group of external experts who provide strategic input and advice for the development of an effective vaccine. Read More »

Angola celebrates one year without new polio case

Angola celebrated an entire year without a new wild poliovirus case on Friday, bringing the world closer to the goal of completely eradicating the contagious and crippling disease. Read More »

FDA approves upcoming seasonal flu vaccine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the approval this week of the new flu vaccine for the season starting later in 2012. Read More »

West Nile virus spreading quickly in the U.S.

West Nile virus is spreading at an increasing rate and at a faster pace than it has been in years, according to health officials. Read More »

Antigen Discovery, Inc., receives award to continue malaria vaccine research

Antigen Discovery, Inc., has received a phase II small business innovation and research award from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institute of Health for malaria vaccine research. Read More »

Researchers find two gene clues for malaria resistance

Scientists from the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg, Germany, may have found two human genetic variants that protect people from falling ill with severe malaria. Read More »

Universal flu vaccine hurdle could be overcome

The question of whether pre-existing influenza immunity generated by prior viral or vaccine exposure could hamper the production of broadly neutralizing antibodies may have been answered by a recent study. Read More »

Clinton Initiative will help improve malaria intervention campaign in Nigeria

The Clinton Health Access Initiative, a non-governmental organization working to strengthen capacity in providing long-term healthcare to people, is working to help reduce the burden of malaria in Nigeria. Read More »

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., receives grant to continue development of tools for researching tuberculosis

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., and SRI International have received a second grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to continue a joint development of an information repository and software to identify novel therapeutics for tuberculosis. Read More »

Nepal tourists warned about cholera outbreak

A high ranking health official in Nepal warned tourists to take precautions against cholera after the disease recently killed 13 people in the western part of the South Asian nation. Read More »

Texas West Nile virus death toll hits 16

The West Nile virus death toll in Texas has risen to 16 along with 381 infections in twelve counties, causing local health officials to declare a state of emergency. Read More »

Greece reports rise in malaria cases

The Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently warned that Malaria may return to Greece 38 years after being eradicated. Read More »

Cholera outbreak leaves 82 dead in Guinea

An outbreak of cholera in Guinea has shown no signs of letting up, with the number of deaths rising to 82 since February. Read More »

Illinois reports third case of H3N2v swine flu

Illinois reported its third case of a new swine flu strain this week in a five-year-old girl who visited multiple fairs, marking the third case of the illness this year. Read More »

WHO calls for emergency cholera vaccine stockpile

The World Health Organization is calling for an emergency cholera vaccine stockpile to respond to outbreaks like the 2010 Haiti outbreak more quickly and effectively. Read More »

Olive View-UCLA hospital treats severe tuberculosis cases

The Olive View unit of UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar is now one of only four centers in the country specializing in tuberculosis. Read More »

PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative to develop standardized measures for malaria vaccination development

The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative will be working with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and Imperial College London to measure the capacity of different vaccine candidates in human clinical testing to elicit an immune response aimed at protecting against deadly malaria parasites. Read More »

Swine flu spreads to Maryland

Six residents of Queen Anne's County, Maryland, are the latest cases of the H3N2v strain of swine flu that is spreading throughout the country, particularly to people attending agricultural fairs. Read More »

Older adults urged to get influenza vaccination

The National Council on Aging urged older adults on Tuesday to follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and get their influenza immunizations for the upcoming season. Read More »

Affordable Care Act to help fight infectious diseases across the country

The Health and Human Services department is expected to award $48.8 million to bolster epidemiology, laboratory and health information systems in health departments in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Republic of Palau, the District of Columbia, New York City, Los Angeles County, Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston. Read More »