Evolved malaria parasites concern scientists

Malaria parasites evolving in laboratory mice injected with a trial malaria vaccine became more lethal to unvaccinated mice, according to research from Penn State University. Read More »

Seal flu could threaten humans

A newly discovered influenza strain among New England harbor seals could potentially spread to humans and wildlife, according to researchers. Read More »

Ebola kills two more in Uganda

Two more people, including a child, are believed to have died as a result of Ebola virus infection during an outbreak in western Uganda. Read More »

Texas warns residents against West Nile virus

The Texas Department of State Health Services recently issued a warning urging residents to take precautions in order to reduce the risk of contracting the mosquito-borne West Nile virus. Read More »

Four more die in Ugandan Ebola outbreak

Uganda has reported four deaths this week from patients suspected to be suffering from Ebola, bringing the death toll to 18 in the third wave of the disease in Uganda in the past decade. Read More »

Researchers decode stability blueprint of malaria enzyme

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have decoded the stability blueprint of an enzyme residing in a parasite cell's membrane, giving them the opportunity to develop drugs to treat parasitic diseases like malaria. Read More »

Increase in U.S. H3N2 activity reported

New reports from three states suggest an increase in H3N2 swine-origin influenza activity. Read More »

Lack of sleep could weaken vaccine effectiveness

A recently released study suggests that a lack of sleep may limit the effectiveness of vaccines. Read More »

Expert: Behavior must change to prevent cholera in Haiti

Jason Hayes, a representative with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, recently said in a report that the only effective way to counteract cholera is to change the way people in Haiti come into contact with water. Read More »

Expert panel debates younger age for MMR vaccine

An expert panel is debating a potential change in federal immunization guidelines to drop the age of the first routine measles vaccination to six months for infants traveling to measles-prone areas. Read More »

Flu vaccine producers ready for 2012-2013 season

The three major influenza vaccine producers have started shipping the first vaccine doses for the 2012-2013 flu season to the U.S. market. Read More »

TB rates in Alabama on the rise

In Alabama, the number of confirmed tuberculosis cases is rising after nearly a decade of decline. Read More »

Malaria genome sequencing offers challenges and opportunities

Genomic sequencing recently reported by two multi-national research teams presents both challenges and opportunities in the battle against malaria. Read More »

Mummies in Hungary could help TB battle

A collection of 265 mummies in Hungary may help local scientists to develop new ways to fight tuberculosis. Read More »

Scientists map critical portion of flu enzyme

Scientists recently mapped the three-dimensional structure of a portion of the influenza virus that is critical in the replication process. Read More »

West Nile virus expected to peak in August, September

U.S. public health officials recently said that there have been more reports of sickness related to the West Nile virus this year than at any other time since 2004. Read More »

Measles outbreak in Merseyside worse since MMR jab introduced in 1988

Merseyside is currently in the midst of the largest measles outbreak in the area since the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988. Read More »

Australian researchers make breakthrough in malaria vaccine

Scientists in Australia studying people who have developed an immunity to malaria say they've made a breakthrough in the fight against the disease, which causes up to one million deaths per year. Read More »

Five years later: The $15.6 billion purchase of MedImmune

It has been five years since British drugmaker AstraZeneca spent $15.6 billion on Gaithersburg, Maryland-based MedImmune and it remains to be seen if the company was worth the hefty sum. Read More »

Infants may have been exposed to TB at Toronto hospital

Babies at Toronto's Scarborough General Hospital are being tested for tuberculosis after a nurse at the facility tested positive for the disease. Read More »