CDC confirms H5N2 antibodies in poultry workers

The Centers for Disease Control in Taiwan has confirmed that three poultry workers and officials working in animal quarantine have tested positive for H5N2 avian influenza antibodies. Read More »

CoMO urges global communities to stop meningitis

The Confederation of Meningitis Organizations has urged people throughout the world to be a part of Join Hands Against Meningitis, an effort to lessen the global impact of the potentially deadly disease. Read More »

Pakistan ranks sixth among high-risk TB countries

Pakistan ranks sixth in the world among 22 countries with a high-risk for tuberculosis, according to a recently released report. Read More »

Vermont debates childhood vaccine exemptions

The Vermont legislature is debating whether or not to continue to allow parents to send their children to school without immunizations. Read More »

U.N. appeals for $3.2 billion to meet 2015 malaria eradication goals

Ray Chambers, the U.N. secretary-general's special envoy for malaria, has made an appeal for $3.2 billion to try to reach the goal of near-zero malaria deaths by 2015. Read More »

Conn. flu rates decline after new vaccine requirement

Vaccination rates rose significantly and influenza rates dropped notably in children between the ages of six months and four years old in Connecticut after a day care vaccination requirement was instituted in 2011. Read More »

Mystery illness in Vietnam kills 19

A mystery illness in Vietnam has killed 19 people and sickened 171 others and has prompted health authorities in Hanoi to ask international experts to investigate. Read More »

Cambodia faces rise in dengue fever occurrence

Cambodia has seen a rise in the number of reported cases of dengue fever in the first three months of this year compared to the first three months of last year. Read More »

Study: Measles deaths drop by 74 percent over last decade

The number of deaths worldwide from measles has dropped by approximately 74 percent over the course of a decade, according to a new World Health Organization study. Read More »

ExxonMobil Foundation contributes more than $10 million in grants to fight malaria

The ExxonMobil Foundation announced grants of more than $10 million on Tuesday to fight malaria, increasing its total commitment since 2000 to more than $110 million. Read More »

Australian flu maker Biota to move to U.S. in merger

Australian pharmaceutical developer Biota, the maker of a popular influenza drug, recently announced plans to move to the United States as part of a merger with U.S.-based Novi Pharmaceuticals. Read More »

Report shows effect of antivirals during Mexican H1N1 epidemic

A new study has demonstrated the effectiveness of antiviral medication during Mexico's 2009 H1N1 epidemic but also reports that antiviral use dropped as the epidemic waned. Read More »

U.N. fails to hit measles death reduction target

The United Nations countries have failed to meet a target for reducing the measles death toll by 90 percent by 2010, mostly due to outbreaks in southern Africa and poor vaccine coverage in India. Read More »

Leading researchers discuss scientific advances on World Malaria Day

Top scientists gathered in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to emphasize the progress being made in efforts to treat and prevent malaria for World Malaria Day. Read More »

Text messages can improve vaccination coverage

A recently published study showed that influenza vaccination rates among low-income, hard-to-reach minority children and adolescents in the United States improved if their parents received education-related text messages. Read More »

UAE says TB vaccination coverage at 98 percent

The United Arab Emirates recently announced that its efforts to fight tuberculosis infection have resulted in a 98 percent vaccine coverage rate for its population. Read More »

Whooping cough infections spread through South Florida

A growing number of whooping cough infections in South Florida and throughout the state have been fueled by children and adults who have not been vaccinated, experts have warned. Read More »

Study detects African malaria drug resistance

A study has found early resistance to a powerful malaria drug, which suggests that potential resistance may follow in patients in sub-Saharan Africa. Read More »

Rio declares dengue epidemic

Rio de Janeiro recently declared that it is facing an epidemic of dengue fever after diagnosing more than 50,000 cases of the mosquito-borne illness this year. Read More »

Global fund to offer inexpensive malaria treatments in Africa

A new drive to help Africans in seven countries purchase cheap antimalarial medication was recently launched in Kenya. Read More »