Ninety-percent of children in Hyderabad receive polio drops

A total of 583,384 children were immunized against polio on Pulse Polio Immunization Day on Sunday in Hyderabad, one of India's largest cities and the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Read More »

Bolivia holds rubella and measles campaign

The Health Expanded Program on Immunization in Bolivia immunized approximately 200,000 children against measles and rubella on Sunday in an effort to declare the country free of the two diseases. Read More »

India prepares for spike in dengue cases

Public health officials in the Madurai district in southeastern India have issued a dengue alert in response to an increasing number of fever cases. Read More »

Cholera vaccination campaign begins in Haiti

Nearly a year after a major cholera outbreak began in Haiti, a small portion of the population began receiving donated vaccinations this week against the illness that has already killed more than 7,400. Read More »

Dropping vaccination ad campaign may have increased swine flu deaths in U.K. @VND

Deaths from swine flu rose 30 percent last year in the U.K. after Health Secretary Andrew Lansley scrapped an advertising campaign warning people to receive influenza vaccinations, according to a former high-ranking medical officer. Read More »

Veterans' home in Conn. hit by flu outbreak

An outbreak of influenza at the state veterans' home in Rocky Hill, Conn., caused 18 veterans to be hospitalized on Monday with six diagnosed with seasonal flu. Read More »

Highly contagious European measles strain found in Colombia

Public health authorities in Bogota recently discovered a highly contagious form of the measles rarely seen in Colombia. Read More »

Scientist discovers critical TB amino acid

A U.S. biochemist recently discovered an amino acid that plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, possibly opening the way for better treatment of the illness in the future. Read More »

Okla. ranked last in on-time infant vaccination

Oklahoma babies are ranked 50th in the nation in getting their first critical vaccinations on time, according to the Oklahoma Department of Health. Read More »

Additional flu cases confirmed at Conn. home for veterans

Four more veterans at the Connecticut state veterans' home in Rocky Hill, Conn., have been hospitalized due to influenza after an outbreak of the disease occurred in the complex. Read More »

CDC chief optimistic about Haitian vaccination campaigns

The director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently said that a campaign to introduce new childhood vaccines to Haiti could potentially save tens of thousands of lives over the next decade. Read More »

Expert says fight against malaria looks promising

The future of the global fight against malaria looks encouraging, in part because of the large influx of international aid. Read More »

Wash. whooping cough cases on rise in 2012

Health officials have seen a major increase in the number of whooping cough cases in the state of Washington this year, with 640 cases in total in 23 counties in 2012. Read More »

Outbreak of swine flu hits Bangladesh nurses

An outbreak of swine flu has occurred at the Kurigram Nursing Training Institute in Bangladesh, where at least 14 nurses have had positive tests confirmed for the disease. Read More »

Sebelius to support cholera vaccination in Haiti

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently offered her support to two large-scale vaccination initiatives while visiting Haiti. Read More »

Nigeria on path to malaria eradication

The country director of a major global research organization recently said that Nigeria can eradicate malaria. Read More »

Edinburgh scientists find vulnerability in malaria parasites

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh and their collaborators have identified a connection between different strains of malaria parasites that may lead to more effective treatment against the deadly disease. Read More »

U.S. measles cases quadrupled in 2011

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report on Thursday that measles cases quadrupled in the United States in 2011. Read More »

China culls nearly 100,000 chickens in response to bird flu

China's Ministry of Agriculture recently reported an outbreak of highly epidemic H5N1 avian influenza among poultry stocks. Read More »

U.K. secretary says Global Fund reforms on track

Andrew Mitchell, the U.K.'s international development secretary, recently said that efforts to reform the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are going well. Read More »