Study: Immunity boosted by vaccinating men and women at different times

A University of Birmingham scientist's study shows that giving flu vaccinations to men in the morning and women in the afternoon may boost their immunity against disease. Read More »

New cell discovery could lead to more effective vaccines

Scientists from the Walter and Eliza Hill Institute in Australia have identified how a protein found on the surface of immune cells recognizes dangerous trauma and damage that could denote infection. Read More »

Resistant malaria in Asia worries scientists

Malaria researchers recently announced that they fear the spread of resistant forms of the disease from once isolated pockets in Asia. Read More »

South Africa to tackle TB among miners

Health officials in South Africa recently began an extended effort to fight tuberculosis in mines, where crowded working conditions and a pan-African workforce make the industry a danger for spreading the disease. Read More »

Fla. pharmacists will administer pneumonia, shingles vaccines

Florida Governor Rick Scott has approved a plan allowing pharmacies to administer pneumonia and shingles vaccines to those looking for treatments when a prescription has been given. Read More »

Grand opening of the Shimadzu Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry held on Monday

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announced the grand opening on Monday of the Shimadzu Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry at the University of Texas at Arlington to enhance the research of disease treatments. Read More »

FDA approves quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine

Beginning next year, health officials may be allowed to include two influenza B strains in the seasonal flu vaccine. Read More »

New links found between diabetes and tuberculosis

Countries with the highest rates of tuberculosis and mortality, such as India and China, are also experiencing the fastest increases in the prevalence of diabetes, new research has revealed. Read More »

Delhi on high alert after six reported swine flu cases

The Delhi government in India has put all government hospitals on alert after six cases of H1N1 swine flu were confirmed in the capital. Read More »

Study: Vaccination against whooping cough fades in pre-teens

Children immunized against whooping cough between the ages of eight and 12 were found to be more likely to catch the disease than children of other ages during a 2010 California outbreak in a recent study. Read More »

CDC advises prisons on influenza protocols

Health officials in the United States recently advised correctional facilities to consider adopting measures aimed at preventing and containing influenza among prisoners and staff. Read More »

GAVI Alliance receives major discount on bulk rotavirus vaccine

The GAVI Alliance recently secured a deal to procure a large amount of rotavirus vaccine from GalxoSmithKline and Merck, which will cut the regular price for the medication by nearly two-thirds. Read More »

Chickenpox spreads to five Fla. public schools

Health officials in Florida added 25 students who are not vaccinated against chickenpox to a list of those barred from attending class in five public schools in High Springs and Alachua on Wednesday. Read More »

Simulations Plus announces success in malaria drug project

Simulations Plus, Inc., a consulting services and software company for pharmaceutical development and discovery, announced on Wednesday that its newest malaria inhibition molecule is three times more potent than its previous best molecule. Read More »

Genetically modified mosquitoes fight dengue in Brazil

Scientists in Brazil believe their experiment involving the release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild to reduce the impact of dengue fever is working. Read More »

Nearly 13,000 TB cases reported in Sierra Leone

Public health officials in Sierra Leone recently announced that nearly 13,000 cases of tuberculosis were reported in that country in 2011. Read More »

Child identified as first case of swine H3N2 reported in U.S. this year

U.S. public health officials have confirmed a new human infection with swine-origin H3N2 virus, also known as H3N2v virus, in a young girl living in Utah who visited a swine processing plant. Read More »

Pertussis cases on the rise in England

The Health Protection Agency in the United Kingdom has confirmed 665 cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, in England this year, prompting a warning to parents to vaccinate their children. Read More »

Alaskan doctors battling high TB rates

Health officials in Alaska hope to use a new set of tools to identify and treat tuberculosis. Read More »

Genocea Biosciences developing potent malaria vaccine

Genocea Biosciences recently announced that it will highlight the development of a new malaria vaccine at an upcoming presentation at the World Vaccine Congress. Read More »