FDA approves Prevnar for adults over 50

On December 30, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of Prevnar 13, Pfizer's pneumococcal vaccine, for use in adults aged 50 and older. Read More »

Chinese man dies from bird flu

A Chinese bus driver who tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu virus died Saturday in Shenzhen in China's first reported case of the disease in humans in 18 months. Read More »

California records first flu death of the season

State health officials have reported that a Kern County, California, man in his late 30s is the first person in the state to die of complications from the flu this season. Read More »

Cholera kills 35 children in Somalia

Cholera has claimed as many as 35 children in southern Somalia while more than 20 children have died of hunger in the region, which is experiencing a major famine. Read More »

Rains increased plasmodium falciparum in India by 30 percent

The prolonged rain spells in 2011 increased the cases of fatal plasmodium falciparum by 30 percent in comparison to 2010 in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Read More »

Katherine McPhee joins malaria fight

Singer and actress Katherine McPhee has become a spokesperson for Malaria No More, an organization that partners with various non-governmental organizations, corporations, charities and individuals in an effort to end malaria deaths. Read More »

Immune system's overreactions can exacerbate influenza

A century after the 1918 influenza pandemic that infected approximately one-third of the world's population and killed at least 50 million people, scientists have a better understanding of how most of those people died. Read More »

Maryland confirms first case of flu of the season

Health officials confirmed Maryland's first case of seasonal flu in an adult in the Baltimore region on Friday and have urged state residents to get a flu shot. Read More »

Tuberculosis still a threat in Turkey

According to a statement made by the undersecretary of Turkey's Ministry of Health, tuberculosis continues to pose a threat to Turkish society. Read More »

Lifelens uses smartphones to identify malaria

A smartphone application developed by the Lifelens Project can use a single drop of blood to identify malaria with a 94 percent accuracy rate. Read More »

Florida county lifts mosquito-borne disease alert

Public health officials in Palm Beach County, Florida, recently lifted a mosquito-borne disease alert that had been in effect since October. Read More »

Hantavirus outbreak in China kills 13

An outbreak of hantavirus in eastern China has killed 13 and infected 249 people. Read More »

Legionnaires' disease found at Hong Kong government complex

The bacterium that causes Legionnaires' disease has been found at several sites in a new Hong Kong government complex, causing one minister to fall ill and major embarrassment for the authorities involved. Read More »

Brucellosis found in medieval bones

U.S. scientists on Tuesday said that the study of a set of Albanian medieval bones has uncovered traces of a modern infectious disease that afflicts people who eat unpasteurized dairy products. Read More »

Herpes vaccine fails in clinical trials

Hopes for the widespread use of a new vaccine against the sexually transmitted herpes simplex were dashed recently when the vaccine failed in clinical trials. Read More »

Study may increase the effectieness of flu shots

New engineering research from the University of Pittsburgh has the potential to aid in the development of a more effective flu shot. Read More »

Pennsylvania high school students face TB tests

After finding a confirmed case of pulmonary tuberculosis, 100 students and staff members at a Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, high school will be administered a TB skin test. Read More »

Anthrax outbreak in Scotland called worst in 50 years

The 2009-2010 anthrax outbreak among drug users in Scotland has been called the largest in the United Kingdom in 50 years. Read More »

Supply chain logistics in Africa slowing malaria fight

A recent study created a supply chain logistics map to aid in the treatment of malaria cases in Africa. Read More »

University of Michigan study shows safety of rotavirus vaccine

A University of Michigan study has shown that despite concerns that rotavirus vaccines might raise infants' risk of blocked bowels, hospitalization rates for the intestinal complication did not go up after vaccination became routine. Read More »