Bill Gates visits Nigeria as part of anti-polio intiative

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates arrived in Nigeria on Tuesday to take stock of a campaign to rid Africa's highest populated nation of polio after a resurgence this year. Read More »

UNICEF starts anti-malaria program in Mozambique

A large scale anti-malaria bednet program conducted by UNICEF is currently underway in Mozambique. Read More »

Influenza vaccine to be improved for older adults

The current influenza vaccine is being studied to see if it can be improved for older adults. Read More »

Measles rates declined between 2000 and 2008

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 164,000 children died worldwide from measles in 2008, down from 733,000 in 2000. Read More »

New malaria vaccine uses disabled cold virus

Researchers have created a new malaria vaccine that consists of a combination of a disabled cold virus with a gene that stimulates the immune system. Read More »

New vaccine could make HIV "a minor chronic infection"

A new vaccine has the potential to reduce HIV to a minor chronic infection, though experts warn that a cure for HIV/AIDS is far away. Read More »

All students at Ennis, Texas, high school to be TB tested

After more than 100 people tested positive for tuberculosis at Ennis High School, all of the students at the Ennis, Texas, school will be tested for exposure to the disease. Read More »