Two doses of HPV vaccine as good as three, study shows

According to data from the National Cancer Institute's Costa Rica Vaccine Trial, two does of the human papillomavirus vaccine may offer as much protection against cervical cancer as the three dose regimen currently being used. Read More »

Malaria vaccine shows positive initial trial results

The results of an initial Phase I clinical trial for a malaria vaccine developed by Sanaria showed that the vaccine is both safe and potent. Read More »

Novavax reports results from H5N1 vaccine study

Novavax, Inc., recently reported the results of a Phase I/IIa clinical study of the company Read More »

Largest AIDS vaccine conference set for next week

Researchers will gather in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 12 through September 15 for the largest conference on AIDS vaccine development. Read More »

Whole malaria parasite vaccine found to be safe

A new clinical trial has shown that a malaria vaccine that uses the entire malaria parasite to be safe and effective. Read More »

Milwaukee braces for measles outbreak

A Milwaukee child confirmed to have the measles was recently released from the hospital as Minnesota public health officials brace for a possible outbreak of the highly infectious disease in the coming weeks. Read More »

Hand, foot and mouth outbreak kills 98 in Vietnam

According to the World Health Organization, an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease has caused the deaths of 98 children in Vietnam and sickened more than 42,000 others this year. Read More »

Three in Pennsylvania infected with novel swine influenza

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, two more children in Pennsylvania have become infected with a novel swine influenza A/H3N2 virus that includes a gene from the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus. Read More »

Immunovaccine appoints John Trizzino as CEO

Immunovaccine, Inc., a vaccine development company, announced the appointment of John J. Trizzino as chief executive officer effective October 1. Read More »

Haitian cholera outbreak death toll tops 6,000

According to reports from the United Nations, the Haitian cholera outbreak, thought to have originated from Nepalese UN peacekeepers, has claimed over 6,000 lives and caused approximately 400,000 total infections. Read More »

Chinese polio outbreak kills one, infects eight more

A recent polio outbreak in northwest China Read More »

Worldwide malaria deaths drop by 20 percent

Worldwide malaria deaths have fallen by a fifth over the last decade, supported by increased funding to fight the disease with better drugs and more preventative measures like mosquito netting. Read More »

Experts warn of TB pandemic in Europe

The WHO announced on Wednesday that multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis are spreading at an alarming rate in Europe and could potentially kill thousands if health authorities do not halt its spread. Read More »

Roll Back Malaria says that preventive measures stopping malaria's spread

The Roll Back Malaria Partnership has estimated that the total number of malaria deaths has fallen 38 percent worldwide as a result of stepped up use of preventive measures in the past decade. Read More »

AIDS vaccine research shows hope

After spending two years studying the results of the largest AIDS vaccine trial ever conducted, researchers have discovered how the immune system reacted to the vaccine candidate RV144, providing a glimpse into how vaccines could be made more effective. Read More »

Dengue fever ravaging Pakistan

According to health officials in Pakistan, over 4,000 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the county in the last two months and at least eight people have died. Read More »

Second case of measles found in Milwaukee

A second case of the measles was recently confirmed in the Milwaukee, Wis., area by the Milwaukee Health Department and several more are expected. Read More »

Two Boston hospitals mandate flu vaccines for workers

Boston hospitals Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Children's Hospital Boston will require all employees who have contact with patients to get a flu vaccine this fall or face possible suspension or termination. Read More »

First effective blood-state malaria vaccine identified

Scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have identified the first effective blood-stage malaria vaccine and found that it produced a high level of strain-specific protection in a Phase II trial. Read More »

EU sending more than $170 million to fight AIDS, TB in South Africa

The European Commission recently announced that the European Union will spend approximately $173 million in South Africa to fight AIDS and tuberculosis. Read More »