Measles cases in the U.S. triple from last year

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that there have been 220 measles cases in the United States so far this year, more than triple the usual 60 to 70 cases seen in most years. Read More »

Baxter recalls Preflucel flu vaccine

Baxter Pharmaceuticals recently issued an immediate recall of two batches of its Preflucel flu vaccine in the United Kingdom. Read More »

TB scare at New York high school

One person has tested positive for tuberculosis at BUILD Academy Buffalo School #91 in Buffalo, New York, and the district and the Erie County Health Department are taking action to prevent the disease from spreading. Read More »

Nigeria the largest exporter of malaria

Luis Benavente, the director of Improving Malaria Diagnostics, said on Friday that Nigerians were the largest exporters of malaria because of the mobile nature of its citizens. Read More »

Vaccine coverage can be greatly improved, study says

A new study has demonstrated that vaccine coverage can be significantly improved through the proper interpretation of a combination of administrative and survey data. Read More »

Rotavirus not being stopped by vaccines

New data suggests that vaccines against rotavirus, a leading cause of diarrhea-related deaths among children, have done little to stop the spread of infection. Read More »