Malaria parasite quirk may lead to new antimalarial drugs

Engineers from the University of Houston are using a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to investigate a quirk in the malaria parasite that may lead to a new platform of antimalarial drugs. Read More »

Twitter used to track vaccination attitudes

An assistant professor of biology at Penn State University has used Twitter to evaluate how users expressed their sentiments about a new vaccine and how those attitudes correlated with vaccination rates. Read More »

Gates Foundation hosts Malaria Forum

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will host a three day invitation-only Malaria Forum this week that includes a lineup of top global health leaders from around the world. Read More »

Findings of three year malaria vaccine study to be released

The preliminary findings of three year malaria vaccine study involving thousands children from seven African countries is expected to be announced in Seattle in the coming days. Read More »

Palm Beach County, Florida, confirms first dengue fever case

Palm Beach County, Florida, recently confirmed its first case of dengue fever, an illness common in the Caribbean, but now moving farther north. Read More »

Vitamin D critical to TB immune response

According to researchers at the University of California - Los Angeles, effective immune responses to tuberculosis infection are critically dependent on the availability of vitamin D. Read More »

Scientists discover how hospital bacteria becomes superbug

An international team of scientists led by Monash University researchers has determined how a common hospital bacterium becomes a deadly superbug that kills increasing numbers of hospital patients worldwide. Read More »

Two Louisiana high school students test positive for TB

According to state health officials, two out of 180 students at Byrd High School in Shreveport, Louisiana, have tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis after another student became sick. Read More »

Gene sequencing, GPS used to trade the spread of typhoid

Researchers funded in part by the Wellcome Trust recently began using gene sequencing technology and global positioning system case localization to trace the spread of typhoid fever and its sources. Read More »

Almost one-third of all malaria-stricken countries on pace to eliminate the disease

The World Health Organization recently announced that nearly a third of all countries affected by malaria are on track to eliminate the disease in the next decade. Read More »

Two California H.S. students test positive for TB

Public health officials in San Diego County, California, recently announced that a local high school student has tested positive for tuberculosis and may have infected others. Read More »

China vaccinates 4.5 million against polio

China recently vaccinated approximately 4.5 million children and young adults in its Xinjiang province against polio in an effort to end an outbreak that has paralyzed 17 people and killed one. Read More »

Haiti now has the highest rate of cholera globally

According to a leading health expert, Haiti now has the highest rate of cholera in the world a mere year after the disease first arrived in the nation. Read More »

Four flu cases reported in Los Angeles County

Three adults and one child have been confirmed as the first locally acquired flu cases in Los Angeles County, the Department of Public Health announced on Tuesday. Read More »

U.S. NGO plans Haiti cholera vaccination campaign

A U.S. non-governmental organization is planning to start a ground-breaking cholera vaccination campaign in Haiti in January, as experts warned that efforts to combat the year-old epidemic were badly faltering. Read More »

Measles continues to ravage EU

According to the October European monthly measles monitoring report from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the total number of measles cases in 2011 in Europe has risen to more than 29,100. Read More »

Hundreds infected with dengue fever, malaria in Delhi, India

Public health officials in Delhi, India, recently announced that the city is dealing with 479 cases of dengue fever and 218 cases of malaria. Read More »

TB transmission rates higher in children

A new study has shown that transmission rates among the close contacts of tuberculosis patients may be nearly twice as high if the index patient is a child. Read More »

Denton, Texas, high school cleared of TB

County health officials in the Dallas suburb of Denton, Texas, recently announced that follow-up chest x-rays on several students and staff showed no signs of active tuberculosis. Read More »

Unvaccinated children cited as source of U.S. measles outbreak

Recent research points to travelers returning from abroad and unvaccinated children as the source of the recent surge in measles in the United States. Read More »