Cholera outbreak kills 14 in the Central African Republic

The United Nations Children's Fund has distributed emergency supplies and dispatched experts to the Central African Republic to deal with an outbreak of cholera that has claimed the lives of 14 people. Read More »

Boston records first influenza death of the season

According to the Boston Public Health Commission, a Boston man in his 40s is the first death linked to influenza this year in the city. Read More »

Measles outbreaks reported globally

According to the World Health Organization, several large measles outbreaks have continued to spread in the past six months in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Read More »

Mass. may get vaccine registry

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Massachusetts may soon institute a statewide registry to track who gets vaccinated. Read More »

Chagas disease may be more prevalent in South Texas than believed

Chagas disease, a tropical parasitic infection that can cause major heart and digestive disorders, may be more prevalent in South Texas than previously thought. Read More »

Data can be used for real-time estimation of influenza infection rates

A new study shows that serological data, coupled with clinical surveillance data, can provide a real-time estimation of the infection rate and severity of an emerging influenza pandemic. Read More »

Berkeley student contracted mumps in Europe

According to state public health officials, a UC-Berkeley student contracted mumps on a trip to Europe and infected others upon returning to campus, where as many as 44 people have now been diagnosed. Read More »

Single pediatric influenza vaccine dose provides protection

According to a recent study, a single pediatric dose of AS03-adjuvanted vaccine against pandemic influenza A/H1N1 conferred substantial protection against influenza-related hospitalization. Read More »

Cholera on the rise in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Cholera cases are increasing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an outbreak of the waterborne illness has been ongoing since March. Read More »

Global flu activity rises

A recent World Health Organization global influenza update indicates that flu activity is low in most nations, but parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America are seeing active transmission. Read More »

Cholera epidemic sweeping west and central Africa

A cholera epidemic sweeping through west and central Africa, thought to be one of the region Read More »

Pakistan dengue fever death toll reaches 207

The death toll from an outbreak of dengue fever centered in the Punjab region of Pakistan has reached 207. Read More »

Funding awarded for antimalarial drugs

The National Institutes of Health have awarded $718,136 in funding to the University of California San Francisco in collaboration with Anacor Pharmaceuticals to discover and optimize oxaboroles as antimalarial drugs. Read More »

TB rates decline worldwide for the first time

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people getting sick with tuberculosis declined last year for the first time, while the death toll reached its lowest level in a decade. Read More »

New Zealand measles outbreak shows no signs of slowing

In the 10 months since a measles outbreak began in New Zealand, approximately 300 people have been infected and 44 have been hospitalized. Read More »

Tuberculosis infection reported at New York high school

Officials from Commack High School on Long Island, New York, recently confirmed that someone related to the school has tested positive for tuberculosis. Read More »

Arkansas reports first flu case of the year

The Arkansas Public Health Lab has confirmed the first case of seasonal flu in the state for this year. Read More »

WHO develops policy to fight drug resistance

The World Health Organization has developed a six point policy package to fight drug resistance amid threats that antibiotics and other essential medicines may lose their power to cure disease. Read More »

Minnesota records first flu case

The state of Minnesota has confirmed its first flu case of the season in a 26-year-old woman from Olmsted County who contracted a strain of flu that appears to be covered by this year's vaccine. Read More »

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation awards grant for TB vaccine

The Infectious Disease Research Institute was recently awarded a $300,000 grant by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to begin clinical trials of a new tuberculosis vaccine. Read More »