Rapid malaria test fights malaria in Uganda

A new type of rapid diagnostic test for malaria recently issued in Uganda is expected to help public health workers fight the mosquito-borne illness. Read More »

No increased risk of shingles from vaccine for those with autoimmune conditions

The shingles vaccine does not increase the risk of shingles in patients taking biologics for inflammatory or autoimmune conditions, experts recently announced. Read More »

CDC launches antibiotic use reduction campaign

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual campaign to reduce the overuse of antibiotics began this week, with consumers urged to use antibiotics sparingly. Read More »

Novavax leases new lab for vaccine production

Novavax, Inc., recently announced that it has entered into a long term lease agreement for two facilities in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with 74,000 square feet of laboratory and office space. Read More »

Polio increases four-fold in Nigeria

The World Health Organization recently announced that Nigeria has seen a four-fold increase in polio cases. Read More »

Iowa reports hybrid A/H3N2 flu strain

Health officials in Iowa have discovered a new strain of influenza in the state, called A/H3N2, that is a hybrid strain of human, avian, H1N1 and swine flu. Read More »

Two diagnosed with TB at Scotland college

According to the National Health Service Forth Valley, two students taking the same course at Forth Valley College in Scotland have been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Read More »

Zinc doesn't protect from malaria, study says

A new study shows that supplementing young children with zinc, either alone or with other nutrients, does not help protect them from the effects of malaria. Read More »

India begins campaign give 134 million children measles vaccine

The Indian health ministry recently launched the second round of measles vaccinations aimed at protecting 134 million children from the illness. Read More »

WHO prepares to respond to new novel flu virus

Flu experts with the World Health Organization are gearing up their response planning in response to the detection of an odd new flu virus. Read More »

Untreatable tuberculosis could develop in Australia

The World Health Organization is warning that untreatable tuberculosis may develop near Australia due to increased infections of multi-drug resistant TB in the remote southwest of Papua New Guinea. Read More »

Global Fund runs out of grant money

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria recently announced that it has run out of grant money to pay for new programs for the next two years, a situation likely to bring hardship to poor patients around the world. Read More »

Washington county has some of the highest TB rates in the U.S.

Tuberculosis infection rates in King County, Washington, were recently found to be among the highest in the United States. Read More »

Chicken pox rates decreased following vaccinations of older children

A new study shows that fewer babies were infected with chicken pox after the U.S. started to routinely vaccinate older children in 1995. Read More »

AIDS Healthcare Foundation calls for Global Fund's head to step down

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation recently renewed a call for Michel Kazatchkine to step down as the head of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Read More »

Parents opting out of vaccines for kids on the rise

The number of parents opting out of school shots for their kids is rising and more than one in 20 public school kindergartners in eight states do not get all of their required vaccinations. Read More »

TB may increase due to underfunding

While the World Health Organization recently reported that the number of individuals falling ill with tuberculosis is declining annually, this progress may be at risk because to underfunding. Read More »

New vaccine is 100 times more effective than traditional glycoconjugate vaccines

Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a vaccine that is 100 times more effective than traditional glycoconjugate vaccines. Read More »

Compound may make resistant TB antibiotic-susceptible

A new compound of C-capped dipeptides, called BU-005, has been found to circumvent a family of drug-efflux pumps that bacteria use to recognize and expel drugs that have breached their membranes. Read More »

Japan reports new mad cow disease strain

Japan recently reported its eighth new case of mad cow disease and raised the concern that it may be seeing a new strain of the disease. Read More »