Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine underutilized, experts say

According to new research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is not being given to kids as often as it should. Read More »

TB suspected at Alabama university

A student at Troy University in Troy, Alabama, is suspected of contracting tuberculosis recently, prompting school officials to search for other students and staff who may have been exposed. Read More »

Additional swine-origin H3N2 influenza cases reported

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced the existence of two additional cases of swine-origin H3N2 influenza. Read More »

Parents warned about chickenpox lollipops

Healthcare workers are warning parents to avoid a method around the chickenpox vaccine that uses lollypops with saliva on them from kids who have had the chickenpox. Read More »

FDA approves Quidel's influenza test

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the sale of Quidel Corporation's next generation immunoassay analyzers for influenza. Read More »

Hawaii Department of Health receives grant for TB study

The Tuberculosis Control Branch of the Hawaii Department of Health recently received $3.75 million to take part in a U.S. government TB study. Read More »

Study shows artemisinin combination therapies increase malaria protection

Scientists recently completed a comparison of four different artemisinin-based anti-malaria combination therapies in seven African countries to find one that appeared particularly promising for regions where the risk of infection is high. Read More »

Haitians sue U.N. over cholera epidemic

More than 5,000 victims of the Haiti cholera epidemic have filed a petition with the United Nations demanding millions of dollars in compensation for their suffering, blaming the epidemic on Nepalese peacekeepers. Read More »

H1N1, MRSA co-infection increases mortality eight-fold in children

An October study found that children have an eight-fold increase in mortality rate when infected with both H1N1 influenza and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aeureus. Read More »

Cholera vaccine campaign set for Haiti

In Haiti, two medical aid groups are preparing a pilot campaign to administer a cholera vaccine to one percent of the population. Read More »

TB decline in 2009 linked to economic crisis

A new study suggests that a larger than expected decrease in the number of tuberculosis cases reported in the United States in 2009 may be related to economic decline and lower immigration rates and may serve to mask the future impact of the illness. Read More »

Kentucky reports first flu case of the season

Officials from the Kentucky Department for Public Health are urging Kentuckians to get a flu vaccination after the season's first lab-confirmed case of influenza was reported this week. Read More »

Receptor for malaria's cell invasion discovered

Researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have discovered that the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum relies on a single receptor on the red blood cell's surface to invade, offering a focus for vaccine development. Read More »

Two Occupy Atlanta protestors test positive for TB

Two members of the Occupy Atlanta protests who have been staying at a crowded homeless shelter recently tested positive for tuberculosis. Read More »

Europe under threat from measles, TB and drug resistant superbugs

A regional health report recently concluded that the Europe Read More »

Scientists create first complete H1N1 computer model

Scientists at the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have been successful at producing the first computer simulation of a complete H1N1 influenza virus Read More »

Ninety million children contract flu each year, report reveals

In a study published in the journal The Lancet, researchers determined that approximately 90 million children contract seasonal flu each year worldwide, resulting in approximately one million hospital admissions and 111,500 deaths due to influenza-related Read More »

Cholera outbreak kills 81 in Somalia

Cholera recently claimed the lives of at least 81 women and children and left 670 hospitalized in two villages in south Somalia. Read More »

Tuberculosis spreading through North Korea

North Korea is struggling to control the spread of a strain of tuberculosis that is resistant to conventional treatment. Read More »

Outcry over anti-vaccine ad on airline

A video commercial sponsored by the anti-vaccine National Vaccine Information Center now playing on Delta flights has caused backlash from a pediatrician organization, prompting the airline to review its approval process for in-flight programming. Read More »