Thailand researchers announce dengue fever vaccine

Researchers in Thailand say that they have developed a prototype vaccine that will protect against dengue fever. Read More »

HHS awards contracts to develop flu vaccines

Drug makers VaxInnate, Inc., and Novavax, Inc., have been awarded contracts worth a combined total of $215 million to develop flu vaccines for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to battle future pandemics. Read More »

Influenza activity increasing across the U.S.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that influenza activity is increasing across the United States, with more states reporting widespread activity and more clinic visits due to flu-like illnesses. Read More »

Efforts renewed to eradicate polio

Renewed efforts are under way to make polio the second disease eradicated from the planet since smallpox in 1979. Read More »

Fifth measles case found in Boston

A professor at the University of Massachusetts - Boston is believed to have a case of the measles, which is the fifth confirmed or suspected local case of the extremely contagious disease to be reported in the past two weeks. Read More »

Cholera appears to be waning in Haiti

The number of new cases of cholera reported each day in Haiti continues to decline in all 10 of the country's departments, though some clusters of cases are still being reported in isolated areas. Read More »

Preflucel approved for European repeat mutual recognition

Baxter International recently announced the approval of PREFLUCEL, its seasonal influenza vaccine, for a European repeat mutual recognition procedure by the Austrian agency for Health Food and Safety. Read More »

Rainstorm increases may aid cholera's return

According to a world-renowned water scientist, an increase in the number and frequency of extreme rainstorms brought about by global warming could help return cholera to North America. Read More »

AstraZeneca joins consortium to stop TB

AstraZeneca has joined a consortium that includes the University of Cambridge and other research organizations to help in the fight against tuberculosis. Read More »

Hepatitis outbreak reported at Ohio VA hospital

At least nine patients of the same Veterans Administration hospital dentist in Dayton, Ohio, have recently tested positive for hepatitis. Read More »

Flu virus reassortants could pose pandemic threat

Chinese researchers testing reassortants combining the 2009 H1N1 virus and the H9N2 have virus found that several were more pathogenic than the parent viruses themselves and that they could pose a pandemic threat. Read More »

Second Miami dengue fever case confirmed

A second locally acquired case of dengue fever has been confirmed in Miami-Dade County by the county Read More »

Forty-five states report widespread flu activity

According to the most recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 45 states have reported widespread flu activity and experts believe it may not yet be on the downswing. Read More »

Cuba set to vaccinate 500,000 children against polio

Over half a million Cuban children will receive a vaccination against polio during the 50 National Polio Vaccination Campaign, which will run in Cuba from March 4 through March 10 and from April 22 to April 28. Read More »

Influenza pandemic could affect water quality

A new study recently concluded that deterioration in water quality at drinking water abstraction points could occur if existing plans for antiviral and antibiotic use during a severe influenza pandemic reduced wastewater treatment efficiency prior to disc Read More »

Designer of modern influenza vaccine dies

Edwin Kilbourne, the virologist who designed the modern manufacture of the yearly influenza vaccine, died on February 21 in Branford, Connecticut, at age 90. Read More »

Brazil facing second largest dengue outbreak in its history

The Brazilian state of Amazonas has reported 15,548 cases of dengue as of last week, ranking it only behind the 19,000 cases registered during a 2001 epidemic. Read More »

Study finds way to enhance the treatment of multi-drug resistant TB

A study by Dr. Lalita Ramakrishnan of the University of Washington in collaboration with Dr. Paul Edelstein of the University of Pennsylvania has found that blocking bacterial efflux pumps may enhance the treatment of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. Read More »

Japan suspends use of two vaccines

Japan has suspended the use of two vaccines made by Pfizer, Inc., and Sanofi-Aventis as it investigates the deaths of four children that have been linked to the drugs. Read More »

Liquidia Technologies receives investment to fight malaria

Liquidia Technologies, a biotechnology firm that develops vaccines, recently, recently received a $10 million dollar investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to aid in finding a cure for malaria. Read More »