Study begins to determine why malaria effects some more than others

A collaborative effort between two Sydney, Australia-based universities and one university in the United Kingdom is determined to find out why some people with malaria develop severe symptoms with a high risk of death. Read More »

Clinical trial of HIV vaccine demonstrates 90 percent difference

According to research by Seek, a privately owned British biopharmaceutical company, a clinical trial of an HIV vaccine demonstrates an approximately 90 percent difference in HIV-infected people. Read More »

Mexico reacts to first measles case in four years

In response to confirming its first case of measles since 2007, Mexico recently announced its intent to purchase 3.6 million doses of the measles vaccine. Read More »

WHO warns all countries to stop using TB blood tests

The World Health Organization recently warned all countries to stop using blood tests to diagnose active tuberculosis because of the potential risk for errors. Read More »

Ethicist argues for mandatory healthcare worker flu vaccinations

In an editorial in the July 23 issue of the journal Lancet, ethicist Arthur L. Caplan argues that to protect patients from infection, morbidity and death, influenza vaccination should be mandatory for healthcare workers. Read More »

Dominican Republic death toll from cholera rises to 87

As part of an ongoing cholera epidemic that spread from Haiti, the Dominican Republic's death toll has risen to 87, with more than 13,000 suspected cases, according to health authorities. Read More »

American Council on Science and Health supports mandatory healthcare vaccinations

The American Council on Science and Health recently came out in support of an editorial published in the British medical journal Lancet that promotes mandating flu vaccines for healthcare workers. Read More »

Chickenpox death rates fall 97 percent

Over the past 20 years, the death rate from chickenpox for people under the age of 20 has fallen 97 percent. Read More »

FFF Enterprises ships flu vaccine early

FFF Enterprises, Inc., the nation's largest flu vaccine distributor, announced on Monday that shipments of its seasonal flu vaccine have begun in support of the nationwide rollout of annual influenza immunization programs. Read More »

Measles epidemic claims 1,145 lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo

According to the United Nation's Humanitarian Affairs mission in Kinshasa, a measles epidemic has killed 1,145 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo since January. Read More »

Aeras to support development of TB vaccines

The medical non-profit Aeras and the China National Biotech Group recently signed a memorandum of understanding in order to support the development of tuberculosis vaccines in China and potentially in other parts of the world. Read More »

CDC holds Chicago forum on meningitis vaccines

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently held a forum in Chicago to listen to opinions on whether the federal government should require babies to be vaccinated for meningitis. Read More »

NIH chief predicts universal flu vaccine in five years

Francis Collins, the chief of the National Institutes of Health, is "guardedly optimistic" that a universal flu vaccine protecting against all flu strains may be within reach in the next five years. Read More »

WHO pledges to fight hepatitis B

The World Health Organization pledged on Wednesday to focus on nine Western Pacific Region countries that have faced significant challenges in achieving a 2012 target to reduce hepatitis B infection rates among children. Read More »

New Zealand fears that measles outbreak will intensify

Public health officials in Auckland, New Zealand, are warning residents to take extended precautions against a measles outbreak that is set to intensify. Read More »

Cholera kills 297 in the Congo

A cholera outbreak in the Congo has killed at least 279 people in the last four months and infected as many as 4,000 more. Read More »

U.N. Children's Fund begins Horn of Africa measles vaccination campaign

The United Nations Children's Fund has begun a massive vaccination campaign across the Horn of Africa to protect 2.5 million children against diseases like measles. Read More »

Advocates call for infant meningitis vaccine

Colorado Meningitis Angels, its executive director and advocates for underserved and minority communities came together during a Monday press conference in Denver to recommend the infant meningitis vaccine. Read More »

Experts call for international effort to fight hepatitis

Experts recently called for an international effort to fight the growing numbers of hepatitis cases in intravenous drug users worldwide. Read More »

Dengue fever cases overwhelming Bahamian hospitals

As the number of confirmed cases of dengue fever climbs in the Bahamas, Nassau Read More »