Discovery made in search for MRSA vaccine

A University of Rochester Medical Center team of orthopedic scientists has made discoveries that move them a step closer to a human vaccine against MRSA. Read More »

Malaria vaccine cuts risk by 46 percent after 15 months

A study funded by the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative has found that Glaxo's experimental malaria vaccine Mosquirix can cut the risk of malaria by 46 percent up to 15 months after the shot. Read More »

Tuberculosis patients at higher lung cancer risk

New research from the China Medical University indicates that tuberculosis patients are at a higher risk for developing lung cancer. Read More »

Flu season expected to by typical

This year Read More »

Cholera on the rise in Mozambique

According to Leonardo Chavane, the deputy national director of public health in Mozambique,there have been three recorded cholera outbreaks in thenation's 11 provinces and a total of 126 diagnosed cases during this year's rainy season. Read More »

WHO warns of vaccine mistrust

Margaret Chan, the head of the World Health Organization, recently warned that the health community needs to head off the growing mistrust of vaccines that was demonstrated by signs of a fall in flu vaccinations. Read More »

RecipharmCobra Biologics completes tuberculosis vaccine study

RecipharmCobra Biologics, a biopharmaceutical manufacturer, has announced the completion of a study it conducted on the development of an oral vaccine against tuberculosis. Read More »

U.N. announces new plan to fight malaria

The United Nations has announced the launching of the Global Health Progress program, which will fight resistance to the malaria drug artemisinin using a five step process that will stop resistant parasite's spread and make drug treatments more available. Read More »

Dominican Republic sets plans to fight cholera

The health ministry of the Dominican Republic recently announced that it plans to spend $32 million to fight cholera, which has infected 189 people in the country. Read More »

Wakefield vaccine study was not correctly vetted

The medical journal that first printed the Andrew Wakefield report linking autism to childhood diseases only conducted limited investigations into complaints about the work, according to the journal BMJ. Read More »

Blood plasma could prevent swine flu deaths

A recent Chinese study has found that swine flu deaths may be preventable by giving severely ill victims blood plasma from patients who have recovered from the disease. Read More »

Collaboration set to fight influenza

A collaboration between the Trudeau Institute and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, may lead to insights that will improve strategy against the influenza virus. Read More »

First images of malaria's attack on cells seen

Researchers from Australia have managed to capture pictures of a microscopic malaria parasite as it is invading a human red blood cell. Read More »

Haiti considering controversial cholera plan

Haiti is now debating whether or not to adopt a controversial large-scale cholera vaccination program that is being fine-tuned by several international aid agencies. Read More »

Flu activity on the rise in the Northern Hemisphere

Flu activity is increasing in many temperate-zone countries in the Northern Hemisphere, with influenza B and influenza A teaming up in Canada and the United States. Read More »

Typhoid vaccine recalled

The Amedis Company has recalled a Hong Kong batch of oral typhoid fever vaccine, the Vivotif Enteric Coated Cap, because it may lack potency, though it is believed to carry little risk to users. Read More »

Half of Americans still distrust vaccines

Only half of Americans are confident in their belief that vaccines do not play a role in the development of autism, a new poll has revealed. Read More »

Dengue cases double in Bolivia

The recent doubling of the number of dengue fever cases in the Bolivian province of Beni has caused a concern among public health officials, who have placed the area under a general health alert. Read More »

Glenmark to begin selling generic malaria drug

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. received approval on Wednesday from the FDA for its generic drugs unit to sell a generic version of GlaxoSmithKline PLC's drug Malarone, which is used to treat the potentially fatal malaria disease. Read More »

South Dakota records its first flu death of the season

South Dakota has reported the death of a Shannon County resident with influenza A with underlying health conditions in the 30-39 age group as its first influenza death of the 2010-2011 flu season. Read More »