Swine flu could sweep Europe

Health officials in Europe have warned that the swine flu outbreak in the United Kingdom, which has risen as high as 124 cases per 100,000 people and has caused the deaths of 50 people, could potentially spread to the rest of Europe. Read More »

U.N. names four person panel to probe Haiti cholera outbreak

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has named four experts from the United States, India and Latin America, who will begin probing the source of the cholera epidemic in Haiti that has led to over 3,400 deaths. Read More »

Australian researchers discover new viral gene behaviors

Researchers from Australia have made discoveries of viral gene behavior that could aid in the development of vaccines. Read More »

IDRI receives grant to develop new influenza vaccine

The Infectious Disease Research Institute recently announced that it has received a multi-million dollar grant to develop a new influenza vaccine. Read More »

H1N1 aiding researchers in creating universal flu vaccine

Following a new study, researchers are believed to be one step closer to finding a universal vaccine for influenza. Read More »

Patients over 65 face added TB risks

According to a large population study from Canada, patients over the age of 65 who are being treated for tuberculosis have an increased risk of suffering serious adverse effects. Read More »

Seniors snubbing shingles vaccine

A study conducted by the CDC and published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has found that less than seven percent of U.S. seniors haven chosen to receive the shingles vaccine as of 2008. Read More »

Dynavax begins late-stage hepatitis B vaccine test

Dynavax Technologies Corporation has enrolled over 500 patients in a late-stage test of the hepatitis B vaccine called Heplisav for people with chronic kidney disease in 69 different locations in Germany, Canada and the United States. Read More »

Study shows effectiveness of shingles vaccine in seniors

A recent Kaiser Permanente study of 300,000 people has shown that the herpes zoster vaccine was associated with a 55 percent reduced chance of developing shingles in adults 60 years and older. Read More »

Medicago begins early-stage single-dose flu vaccine trial

Medicago Inc. in association with the Infectious Disease Research Institute, will start participation in an early-stage clinical trial of a single-dose vaccine to be used in case of an avian pandemic flu outbreak. Read More »

Expert calls for fight against drug-resistant malaria

Leading experts have warned that drug-resistant malaria could spread from southeast Asia to Africa in only a matter of months, placing the lives of millions of children at risk. Read More »

Haiti cholera outbreak yet to peak, WHO reports

The World Health Organization has warned that the cholera outbreak in Haiti that has resulted in 3,651 deaths has yet to peak. Read More »

Brazil launching plan to combat dengue fever

With 16 out of 27 Brazilian states at risk, Alexandre Padilla, the health Minister of Brazil, announced that the government of Brazil plans to allocate $640 million as part of a contingency plan to combat dengue. Read More »

Second U.S. death from influenza reported

North Dakota state epidemiologist Tracy Miller has reported that a child younger than 10 years old has died as a result of influenza, which is the first flu death this season in the state and the second nationwide. Read More »

Wakefield motivated by secret business deals, report says

The BMJ has recently charged that the doctor behind the claims that the childhood vaccine caused autism had secret business deals aimed at exploiting the fears his work would create. Read More »

WHO to release negative policy recommendation over TB tests

According to a recent Lancet report, the World Health Organization is due to release its first negative policy recommendation after several inaccurate tuberculosis tests received negative reviews. Read More »

Iowa faces rising whooping cough cases

Iowa is continuing to see an elevated number of pertussis, or whooping cough, cases and doctors there are urging parents and adults in contact with children, especially infants, to be vaccinated. Read More »

Flu death toll in U.K. hits 112

The government of the United Kingdom recently announced that a total of 112 people have died from influenza since September. Read More »

Crucell resumes operations at South Korean vaccine plant

Dutch biotechnology company Crucell NV has resumed operations at its South Korea vaccines plant that it had previously shut down due to sterility issues, though vaccines cannot be brought to market until it receives government clearance. Read More »

Gates Foundation extends TB research grant

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., announced on Thursday that its grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been extended in order to create a novel database to enhance collaborative efforts to discover more effective tuberculosis drugs. Read More »