Competitive nature of malaria discovered

A research team at Edinburgh University has found that the reason malaria is such a deadly disease is directly related to its competitive nature as the parasite battles rival strains for survival in the human blood stream. Read More »

Tulane partners with Indian company for malaria vaccine

Tulane University Read More »

Parents must trust vaccines, experts say

Public health experts are struggling to understand how pertussis, or whooping cough, could be making a comeback in states like California, when vaccines, one of the most successful public health interventions in all of medicine, are readily available. Read More »

Scientists make strides toward Chikungunya vaccine

Scientists from French biopharmaceutical company VIVALIS and from A*STAR Read More »

Dengue fever spreads across Latin America

An outbreak of dengue fever that has spread across most of Latin America has lead to over 46,000 cases of the mosquito-borne viral disease since the beginning of the year and the deaths of 31 people. Read More »

Death toll from cholera outbreak in Papau New Guinea reaches almost 500

In Papua New Guinea, the death toll from a recent cholera outbreak has reached nearly 500 people. Read More »

GAVI Alliance calls for price reductions for vaccines

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Faster method of creating flu vaccines shown to be highly effective

A research team at the Baylor College of Medicine recently published a report in The Lancet that finds a new, faster method of creating flu vaccines is just as effective as the existing methods. Read More »

Oklahoma City institute working on C. difficile vaccine

The Lynn Health Science Institute in Oklahoma City is currently one of the only laboratories in the country working on a vaccine for the Clostridium difficle bacteria, which can be contracted in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Read More »

Potential case of TB found at George Washington University

Health officials in the Washington, D.C., are looking into a potential case of tuberculosis at George Washington University. Read More »

IDRI appoints new CEO

H. Stewart Parker has been appointed as the new chief executive officer of the Infectious Disease Research Institute, a Seattle-based not-for-profit organization that applies innovative science to the research and development of products for infectious di Read More »

New malaria vaccine depends on mosquito bites

An international group of researchers has formed to produce and test a novel vaccine that will inoculate mosquitoes as they bite people. Read More »

New vaccine strategy for U.S. presented

A federal vaccine advisory group that recently met in Washington, D.C., presented a new vaccine strategy for the next decade and reviewed the latest information on influenza. Read More »

Report scrutinizes impact of the Affordable Care Act on vaccine policy

A new report issued by the George Washington School of Public Health and Health Services analyzes the impact of the Affordable Care Act on national vaccine and immunization policy. Read More »

Lab contamination causes first U.S. case of cowpox

Lab contamination was apparently behind the first person in the United States becoming infected with cowpox. Read More »

Bangladesh begins world's largest cholera vaccine trial

Bangladesh launched the world Read More »

WHO recommends continued use of current flu vaccine strains

The World Health Organization recommended the continued use of the current three flu vaccine strains for the Northern Hemisphere Read More »

Advances in search for dengue fever vaccine announced

Researchers recently announced promising advances in the treatment of dengue fever, which kills an estimated 25,000 people every year. Read More »

New bait effectively kills malaria infected mosquitoes

Israel scientists have announced the creation of a powerful new bait that effectively kills malaria infected mosquitoes but is completely harmless to humans. Read More »

New TB vaccine shows higher effectiveness in mice

Nele Festjens and Nico Callewaert of VIB and Ghent University in Belgium have developed a version of the tuberculosis vaccine that has been more effective in mice and may become a powerful weapon in the war against TB. Read More »