Antimalarial agent starves malaria parasite

Efforts by researchers have yielded an antimalarial agent that clears infections by starving the malaria parasites that cause the illness to die. Read More »

IDRI names new VP of tuberculosis drug development

The Infectious Disease Research Institute recently announced that Dr. Gail H. Cassell has been hired as vice president of tuberculosis drug development. Read More »

Vermont reports 12 new whooping cough cases

The state of Vermont has reported another 12 confirmed cases of pertussis within the last week, which brings the total to 47 cases so far this year. Read More »

New vaccine protects against norovirus

A study by the Baylor College of Medicine has found that a vaccine could help passengers on cruise ships to avoid the norovirus, a bug that has sickened many people on recent voyages. Read More »

Updated guidelines for treating latent TB released

New guidelines for the treatment of latent tuberculosis were recently issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read More »

Malaria map raises concerns about different malaria strains

A recently unveiled malaria map raises new concerns about the disease that threaten to overshadow reports of declining malaria deaths and the progress towards a new vaccine. Read More »

NanoBio, Merck team up for RSV vaccine

The NanoBio Corporation announced a preclinical collaboration on Thursday with a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., focusing on the development of a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus. Read More »

Relationship between crowding and malaria found

Researchers at Princeton University have tested the variables of crowding and weather in relation to the spread of measles by analyzing satellite images from the glow of night-time fires and electric lights. Read More »

CDC takes steps to fund Stop TB USA

The 30-year-old Stop TB USA, which has operated on a strictly volunteer basis with very minimal funding from the American Thoracic Society, may finally have found a source of funding. Read More »

ACET TB Elimination Workgroup adjusts TB elimination goal

At the recent meeting of the Advisory council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis, the ACET TB Elimination Workgroup presented a progress report on their efforts. Read More »

Experts calls for TB to be added to Affordable Care Act as a qualifying medical condition

In a presentation to the Advisory council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis, Dr. Barbara Seaworth proposed that the Affordable Care Act be amended to add TB as a qualifying medical condition. Read More »

New drug fights multidrug-resistant bacteria

Danish researchers recently announced that they have developed a new drug that can be used to fight drug-resistant bacteria. Read More »

Malaria vaccine blocks transmission from mosquitoes to humans

Three leading malaria vaccine development organizations recently announced their plans to collaborate in assessing a vaccine candidate designed to prevent the transmission of malaria from mosquitoes to humans. Read More »

Two more novel flu virus infections reported in the U.S.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed two more infections with novel flu viruses on Friday in children in West Virginia and Minnesota. Read More »

Pertussis cases growing in Chicago

The number of cases of pertussis, a highly contagious bacterial infection, has grown throughout the Chicago area this year, with 1,100 confirmed cases through November, up from 1,057 for all of 2010. Read More »

Ukraine braces for measles outbreak

Public health officials in Ukraine are warning that a measles outbreak could lead to 500 new cases of the illness by the end of the year. Read More »

Pregnancy increases TB risk

Women face an increased risk of being diagnosed with tuberculosis during and immediately after pregnancy, a new study has revealed. Read More »

First-trimester malaria treatment found to be safe for pregnant women

A study led by Oxford University researchers at the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit in Thailand has found that first-trimester malarial treatment was relatively safe in pregnant women. Read More »

Oral flu vaccine may be more effective than flu shots

Results from a new study conducted by the International Vaccine Institute in Korea have shown that an oral flu vaccine may be more effective than flu shots. Read More »

Experts warn of growing antibiotic resistant bacteria

A new paper written by a group of scientific experts in academia and the biopharmaceutical industry recently called for urgent steps to be taken to combat the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Read More »