Whooping cough cases on the rise in Milwaukee schools

According to a spokesperson at the Milwaukee Health Department, the city has seen an accelerated number of pertussis cases in the past one to two weeks, including five confirmed cases this week. Read More »

Delaware reports first influenza case of the season

Delaware's Division of Public Health has confirmed that an 11-year-old from Wilmington is the first laboratory confirmed case of influenza for the current flu season in the state. Read More »

Scientists identify new way malaria survives in human blood

European scientists recently announced that they have identified a new way in which the malaria parasite survives in human blood. Read More »

Three TB cases reported in San Antonio, Texas

Three cases of tuberculosis were recently identified in San Antonio, Texas, and public health authorities believe there may be at least one more. Read More »

Red blood cell mutation can protect against malaria

A new study has shown that a mutation on the surface of human red blood cells can provide protection against malaria caused by the Plasmodium vivax parasite. Read More »

Four students at Oregon high school test positive for TB

Four students at Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon, recently tested positive for tuberculosis. Read More »

China set to begin vaccine exports

Vaccine makers in China are gearing up to make a push into exports in the next few years that could lower the costs of immunizations and provide new competition for Western pharmaceutical companies. Read More »

Europe reports 26,000 measles cases this year

According to European health officials, there have been more than 26,000 measles cases reported this year through October, which is a three-fold increase in cases from the same time period in 2007. Read More »

Latin American countries begin introducing rotavirus vaccines

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 13 out of 14 Caribbean and Latin American countries that have introduced the rotavirus vaccine into their national immunization programs are participating in a rotavirus surveillance network Read More »

New Zealand officials fear new wave of measles

Health officials in Tairawhiti, New Zealand, have identified four probable measles cases in the region and are calling it a "second wave" of the disease in the area. Read More »

WHO warns Europe of increasing measles outbreaks

The World Health Organization recently issued a warning to European nations that they needed to act immediately in order to stem a series of measles outbreaks across the continent. Read More »

Enzyme critical to treating TB identified

Researchers from Colorado State University recently announced that they have identified an enzyme that could become critical in treating tuberculosis. Read More »

TB cases fall by five percent in the U.K.

The British Health Protection Agency recently announced that tuberculosis cases in the country fell by five percent in 2010 in comparison with the number of cases seen in 2009. Read More »

U.N. teams with celebrities to fight TB

The United Nations health agency recently reported that it has enlisted the help of international celebrities in a new initiative to combat tuberculosis, a disease that claims the lives of more than one million people every year. Read More »

Legionnaires' disease on the rise in New England

According to health officials, Legionnaires' disease, a strain of pneumonia, is on the rise in New England this year, though they have yet to determine a reason for the flare up. Read More »

Global flu activity remains low

According to the biweekly flu update from the World Health Organization, local or regional flu influenza outbreaks in a small number of countries were the only exceptions to a global pattern of low flu activity. Read More »

Avian influenza continues circulating in Egypt

Researchers have determined that the continued circulation of avian influenza in Egyptian poultry is perpetuating human exposure to the illness and the resultant infections. Read More »

Dengue fever expected to spike in Brazil

At least 50 Brazilian population centers are expected to experience severe outbreaks of dengue fever during that country Read More »

Uganda faces national measles outbreak

The Ugandan Ministry of Health issued an announcement Monday that there is a national measles outbreak in central, eastern and western Uganda and warned the public to report suspected cases early. Read More »

Fake malaria drugs put Asia at risk

According to U.S. experts, fake or poor quality malaria drugs are increasing resistance to the disease in parts of Southeast Asia and the problem may worsen without tighter regulations. Read More »