Alaska has the highest TB rates in the nation

Tuberculosis rates in Alaska are reportedly among the highest in the United States, and many there who carry the potentially deadly disease are unaware that they have it. Read More »

Iowa healthcare workers lead the nation in vaccinations

The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative found that 92 percent of hospital staff members statewide received vaccinations in the winter of 2010, well above the national vaccination rate of approximately 50 percent. Read More »

Malaria warning issued for Greece

Six confirmed cases of malaria have been reported in Greece since June, prompting health officials to warn tourists to take precautions against mosquito bites. Read More »

Scientists use bacteria to stop dengue virus spread

Researchers in Australia have discovered that injecting the Wolbachia bacteria into mosquitoes can block them from transmitting the dengue virus, a disease that kills 20,000 people annually. Read More »

New study confirms that there is no link between vaccines, autism

Another panel of scientists has found no evidence that the popular measles, mumps and rubella vaccine causes autism. Read More »

Two vaccines for Rift Valley Fever announced

Researchers from the University of California - Davis have reported the development of two genetically engineered vaccines to combat the mosquito-borne Rift Valley Fever. Read More »

Global Fund to resume operations with China

The embattled Global Health Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria recently ended a dispute with China and will soon resume its operations there, ending a major source of embarrassment for the government in Beijing. Read More »

Bay of Bengal found to be the source of global cholera pandemic

A recent study has determined that the Bay of Bengal was the source of a global cholera pandemic that has spread to Asia, Europe and the Americas over the past 60 years. Read More »

Nigeria faces mounting malaria burden

Nigeria, with an estimated population of 160 million people and more than 300,000 deaths from malaria each year, has the largest malaria burden of any country in the world. Read More »

Minnesota's second measles outbreak grows

A woman from Dakota County, Minnesota, recently became the third case in the state's second measles outbreak this year. Read More »

Genome sequencing finds Haitian cholera's source

A recent whole-genome sequencing study of Haiti Read More »

Vaccine created to fight Ebola, rabies

Using a reverse genetics system and the currently available rabies vaccine, researchers of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have created vaccines that induced humoral immunity against both Ebola and rabies. Read More »

Tamiflu resistant influenza reported in Australia

Over two dozen cases of H1N1 swine flu that are resistant to Tamiflu have been reported in Australia in the largest outbreak of the drug-evasive influenza strain to date. Read More »

Four diagnosed with polio in China

Four infants in northwest China Read More »

Possible resurgence of H5N1 feared

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warned of a possible resurgence of H5N1 bird flu because of a vaccine-evading strain that recently appeared in Vietnam and China, but other experts disagree with the report. Read More »

School dismissal found to aid in stopping the spread of influenza

A non-research investigation by the Chicago Department of Public Health suggests that school dismissal in the beginning of an influenza pandemic may decrease transmission between students when in conjunction with other community mitigation strategies. Read More »

Pertussis epidemic sheds light on vaccine effectiveness

The 2010 pertussis epidemic in California gave federal researchers a valuable opportunity to study new ways to combat the potentially deadly respiratory illness. Read More »

Cholera outbreak slams Nigeria

Nigerian public health officials have reported that 46 people have died from cholera-related symptoms in the northern part of the country over the last month. Read More »

Heat from TB may lead to new detection method

Researchers have developed a potentially faster and cheaper method for diagnosing tuberculosis and hope to test it in Tanzania. Read More »

New technique may "tame" malaria

Scientists have invented a new technique to "tame" the malaria parasite by forcing it to depend on an external supply of a vital chemical during its invasion stage. Read More »