SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018

NanoBio creating RSV vaccine

NanoBio Corporation announced a licensing agreement with the National Institutes of Health that will contribute to the development of a vaccineagainst respiratory syncytial virus infections. Read More »

FDA lowers approval age for meningococcal vaccine

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Friday that the FDA has lowered the approval age range for use of the MenACWY-CRM vaccine to counteract meningococcal disease. Read More »

WHO updates MDR-TB guidelines

The World Health Organization recently updated its guidelines for the management of multi drug-resistant tuberculosis. Read More »

Text message reminders shown to improve malaria care

Daily text messaging to healthcare workers was shown to improve the quality of care given to children infected with malaria, a new study shows. Read More »

Sperm-less mosquitoes could slow malaria

In an effort to potentially control the population of malaria-spreading mosquitoes, scientists have recently developed male mosquitoes that do not produce sperm. Read More »

U.N. planning measles vaccination campaign in Ethiopia

Health officials from the United Nations plan to assist in the vaccination of all children between the ages of six months to 15 years against the measles in Ethiopia Read More »

Walgreen Co. begins offering this season's flu vaccine

Walgreen Co., the largest drugstore chain in the United States, announced Monday that it is now offering seasonal flu vaccinations at all of its stores during clinic and pharmacy hours. Read More »

Global H1N1 influenza infection rate as high as 21 percent

A team of researchers from Australia, Hong Kong and Japan estimate that the global cumulative incidence of pandemic H1N1 influenza infection before vaccines was 11 to 21 percent. Read More »

Antibody that acts against 30 strains of influenza discovered

American scientists searching for a universal influenza treatment recently discovered an antibody that acts against 30 of the 36 known strains of the illness. Read More »

Zicam's inventor pleads guilty to distributing unapproved bird flu product

The inventor of Zicam, a cold remedy, recently pleaded guilty in federal court to illegally distributing an unapproved product that he claimed could treat and prevent bird flu. Read More »

Polio cases rise in Pakistan

According to the United Nations children's fund, Pakistan has continued to see a rise in the number of polio cases since the beginning of 2011. Read More »

China touts hepatitis B immunization success

China credited its national immunization program on Tuesday for protecting approximately 80 million people from being infected with the hepatitis B virus since 1992. Read More »

Emergent BioSolutions receives high marks from European Commission

The European Commission recently published its sixth European Union Survey on Research and Development Investment Business Trends, ranking Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., high on its list. Read More »

New drug may fight all types of viral infection

A team of American researchers has developed a drug capable of fighting nearly any type of viral infection. Read More »

Phase IIb trial of TB vaccine initiated

Aeras and the Oxford-Emergent Tuberculosis Consortium announced the start of a Phase IIb trial for a new investigational tuberculosis vaccine for people living with HIV. Read More »

More than 2,000 vaccinated against hepatitis A in N.C.

County health officials have vaccinated approximately 2,000 people who might have been exposed to hepatitis A while dining at an Olive Garden in Fayetteville, N.C. Read More »

Phase II trial of oral TB vaccine begins

Immunitor has begun a Phase II clinical trial of a novel anti-tuberculosis immunotherapy consisting of Mycobacterium vaccae delivered orally. Read More »

Dengue fever confirmed in Florida

A single case of dengue fever was recently confirmed in Marion County, Florida. Read More »

Budget cuts slash flu vaccines in Calif.

According to San Diego County's Health and Human Services Agency, free flu vaccines for low income adults in the California county was cut in half as a result of state budget cuts. Read More »

World's largest HIV vaccine study expands

The world's largest ongoing HIV vaccine study has been expanded to consider various ways a vaccine might boost immune response to the AIDS virus. Read More »