Washington, D.C. identifies West Nile mosquitoes

The Washington D.C. Department of Health has positively identified West Nile virus in several mosquito samples in several neighborhoods. Read More »

NASCAR champion fights malaria

Carl Edwards, the NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion and driver of the 99 Aflac Ford in the Spring Cup Series, has partnered with nonprofit organization Malaria No More. Read More »

FDA delays new Prevnar 13 approvals

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc., recently announced that FDA regulators will take three additional months to consider approving its Prevnar 13 pneumococcal vaccine for use in adults. Read More »

New Zealand measles outbreak continues to grow

Public health officials in Auckland, New Zealand, recently warned that an outbreak of measles that has infected at least 94 people could spread to hundreds more. Read More »

Indiana measles outbreak declared over

According to officials with the Indiana State Department of Health, a 37 day measles outbreak that spawned 14 confirmed cases across two northeast Indiana counties has officially ended. Read More »

South Korea sends anti-malaria supplies to North Korea

South Korea announced on Monday that it has approved a request by a civic organization to send anti-malaria supplies to North Korea. Read More »

Tailored TB therapy on the horizon

A new study shows that researchers may be able to tailor tuberculosis therapy towards a patient Read More »

Global rates of cholear rise for the first time since 2000

The World Health Organization recently announced that global rates of cholera have increased for the first time since 2000. Read More »

Tropical diseases becoming more prevalent in Europe

A new study reveals that neglected tropical diseases from Africa and Asia are more frequently being found in Europe. Read More »

Canadian woman in custody over TB treatments

A Manitoba woman is currently being held in custody by police for her failure to continue with tuberculosis treatment. Read More »

San Francisco Giant pitches in to fight whooping cough

The San Francisco Giants are working with the San Francisco Immunization Coalition and the Department of Public Health to encourage people to get the whooping cough vaccine. Read More »

Partnership aims to increase health labs in India

A new partnership between Integrated Cleanroom Technologies, Ltd., and Alliance Biosciences has been developed to support an increasing demand for research and health laboratories in India. Read More »

Partnership to create dengue vaccine announced

Vaccine developer Inviragen, Inc. and the International Vaccine Institute have announced a partnership to make a widely accessible dengue fever vaccine. Read More »

Urine TB test is potentially faster, more effective

A team of scientists recently reported a major advance towards a potentially fast and effective means of testing for tuberculosis using urine. Read More »

MRSA levels hit record low in England

The British Health Protection Agency recently announced that rates of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in England have fallen to their lowest level since record keeping began. Read More »

Merck developing a children's pneumococcal vaccine

Merck & Co. has entered into a partnership with the Serum Institute of India Ltd. to develop a children's pneumococcal vaccine for use in developing and emerging countries. Read More »

Measles Initiative vaccinates one billionth child

The Measles Initiative announced on Thursday that it has helped to vaccinate one billion children in over 60 developing countries since 2001. Read More »

Nigerian parents refusing polio vaccines

Hundreds of parents in Nigeria are risking threats of jail time by refusing to let their children be vaccinated against polio. Read More »

Progress reported on hepatitis C vaccine

European researchers are a step closer to creating a new vaccine against hepatitis C after successful testing in animal trials. Read More »

iBio tests malaria vaccine

iBio, Inc., a plant-made pharmaceutical company, announced the successful animal testing of a malaria vaccine candidate on Thursday. Read More »