Minnesota confirms 21 cases of measles

The Minnesota Department of Health reported on Thursday that there are now 21 confirmed cases of measles. Read More »

More than 1,000 exposed to measles in Utah

Approximately 1,000 Utahans may have been exposed to the measles during two community events last week. Read More »

Genetic changes to mosquitoes could end malaria

Scientists at Imperial College London and the University of Washington - Seattle have published a study demonstrating how genetic changes could be introduced to mosquito populations to prevent the spread of malaria. Read More »

U.S. influenza activity continues to fade

According to the CDC, influenza activity in the United States continued to fade last week, though lingering signs of the disease include reports of four more flu-related deaths in children. Read More »

Inhaled protein my aid in the fight against influenza

A protein that boosts the immune system may be able to aid in the fight against the flu, a new report says, by reducing symptoms and even preventing death despite lethal doses of the flu. Read More »

Utah scrambles to stop measles outbreak

As many as 1,000 citizens in Utah may have been exposed to the measles earlier this month, state epidemiologists revealed this week. Read More »

N.J. vaccinations fall below national average

According to New Jersey Read More »

Cambodian cholera outbreak infects more than 3,000

An outbreak of cholera in the south and western regions of Cameroon has infected over 3,000 people and has killed 150 individuals since March with no signs of stopping. Read More »

Worldwide malaria deaths fell over the last decade

The World Health Organization has reported that the estimated malaria deaths worldwide fell from 985,000 in 2000 to 781,000 in 2009. Read More »

Enzyme that lets TB destroy lung tissue discovered

Scientists have discovered the enzyme that allows tuberculosis to destroy lung tissue, an achievement that may be revolutionary to treatment, according to a study published on Monday in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Read More »

Compass Biotechnologies developing heat-stable hepatitis B vaccine

Compass Biotechnologies is set to acquire a worldwide exclusive license with U.K. firm Arecor for its Arestat stabilization technology in an effort to develop a heat-stable hepatitis B vaccine. Read More »

Utah seeks self-quarantine for potential measles patients

Utah health officials have asked approximately 40 people who might have been exposed to the measles virus when they attended one of two recent community events in Salt Lake City to quarantine themselves. Read More »

Report says thousands of lives have been saved by malaria countermeasures

The U.S. Agency for International Development reported in its annual survey that thousands of lives have been saved from malaria thanks to the recent increased efforts of U.S. and international health agencies. Read More »

Approximately 180 nations taking part in Immunization Week

Immunization Week, the United Nations-backed immunization campaign, began on Saturday, with approximately 180 countries and territories participating this year. Read More »

Vical completes phase one trial of H1N1 vaccine

Vical Incorporated announced on Wednesday that half of the subjects in a phase 1 trial of its formulated vaccine for H1N1 pandemic influenza generated neutralizing antibodies that are expected to provide protection against the disease. Read More »

Minnesota Department of Health confirms more measles cases

Officials from the Minnesota Department of Health confirmed on Wednesday that two more cases of measles have been reported, raising the state Read More »

Seattle BioMed receives grant to study malaria biomarkers

The independent, non-profit organization Seattle BioMed has been awarded an $8.9 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to study and identify biomarkers to be used in malaria vaccine design. Read More »

N.J. man exposed unknown number of people to measles

According to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, a Camden County, New Jersey, man with probable measles may have exposed an unknown number of people to the highly contagious disease. Read More »

Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., finishes vaccinations in Phase IIb TB vaccine trial

Researchers have vaccinated the last of the 2,784 infants in a Phase IIb efficacy trial to evaluate MVA85A, a clinically advanced tuberculosis vaccine. Read More »

ExxonMobil Foundations awards $10 million to fight malaria

The ExxonMobil Foundation announced on Monday that it is awarding grants for 2011 aimed at making further advances to combat malaria and raise awareness of the disease. Read More »