Australia set to begin dengue fever eradication plan

A new plan by Australian scientists could save the lives of the tens of thousands infected by dengue fever each year. Read More »

Uganda to wait two more weeks for yellow fever vaccinations

Despite promises, the mass vaccination against yellow fever for residents living in northern Uganda may not begin for another two weeks because the vaccine has yet to reach the country. Read More »

Sweden records first swine flu death of the season

A seven-year-old boy has died in Sweden as a result of swine flu. Read More »

TB sufferers face higher lung cancer rates

Researchers have conducted a study that shows that those suffering from tuberculosis are 10.9 times more likely than non-tuberculosis patients to develop lung cancer. Read More »

Malaria detector uses patients' eyes to quickly diagnose

Engineering students working under David Rice, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Tulane University in New Orleans, have applied for a patent for a less expensive, quicker method for detecting malaria. Read More »

Chicken pox incidence dropping, study shows

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that the number of Americans sent to the hospital each year for the chicken pox has dropped by 71 percent since routine vaccination began in 1995. Read More »

U.K. accused of failing to halt spread of TB in South Asia

The United Kingdom has recently been accused of covering up a failure among the G8 nations to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in South Asia. Read More »

Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe

Health officials in Zimbabwe have confirmed the existence of a cholera outbreak in Mbare, one of Harare Read More »

Scientists add virus-like particles to improve flu vaccine

Scientists at Emory University School of Medicine have combined an influenza vaccine with virus-like particles that contain M2, a viral protein, in an effort to supplement and improve the vaccine against the quickly changing influenza virus. Read More »

Cholera spreas to all all of the Dominican Republic's provinces

According to a recent report, cholera from Haiti has officially spread to all provinces in the Dominican Republic and has infected 139 people so far in the neighboring and more developed nation. Read More »

Sharfstein leaves the FDA

Joshua Sharfstein, the second-in-command at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is leaving his position after less than two years in order to become the top public health official in Maryland. Read More »

Flu rates on the rise globally

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that five states have reported widespread influenza A activity, up from none as little as two weeks ago. Read More »

Vitamin D may speed TB recovery times

A study led by Dr. Adrian Martineau shown that supplementing tuberculosis antibiotics with vitamin D can speed recovery times. Read More »

U.K. facing possible flu vaccine shortage

The United Kingdom Department of Health has said that some parts of the country are experiencing a shortage of the flu vaccine, though it believes that there is no national vaccine shortage. Read More »

Study linking vaccines to autism debunked

A new investigation has revealed that an infamous study linking autism in children to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was conducted fraudulently. Read More »

Egypt reports more H1N1 cases

The World Health Organization recently confirmed the existence of four more cases of H5N1 influenza, or avian flu, in Egypt. Read More »

China aims to eliminate measles

The health minister of China, stated on Thursday that the country is trying to eliminate the incidence of measles in China over the next five years following a 25.8 percent drop in 2010. Read More »

New device drastically lowers TB detection time

A newly developed device can test specimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis that reduces the typical cell culture testing time from two weeks to two hours. Read More »

U.N. calls Haiti cholera response "shameful"

After receiving only a quarter of the funding it needs to counter the deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti, a United Nations spokeswoman has called the response to its appeal Read More »

U.K. resorts to using last year's flu vaccine

Dame Sally Davies, Britain Read More »