DTRA awards funds to fight Rift Valley fever

Officials with the Midwest Research Institute have announced that they have won a $1.6 million federal contract to study a virus that could be a biological threat. Read More »

Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America calls for mandatory flu vaccinations

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America has called for mandatory flu vaccinations for all healthcare personnel in a recently released position paper jointly released with the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Read More »

Dynavax recieves funding to study hepatitis B

Dynavax Technologies has received funding from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases to study the differences between individuals who do and do not respond to vaccinations against the hepatitis B virus. Read More »

China to vaccinate 100 million against measles

In an effort to eliminate measles, nearly 100 million children in China will be vaccinated against the disease this month. Read More »

Africa makes significant progress in polio fight

Africa has made significant progress in efforts to eradicate polio, but some remedial actions need to be taken, according to a paper discussed on September 1 by the World Health Organization Regional Committee for Africa in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Read More »

Phillipines sees dramatic rise in dengue cases

A dramatic rise in the number of dengue hemorrhagic fever cases has led the Philippines Department of Health to issue a national warning against the disease. Read More »

Walmart and Sam's Club to offer flu shots in 4,100 stores

Officials with Walmart and Sam Read More »

European Medicines Agency investigating Pandemrix

Officials with the European Medicines Agency are looking into the safety of the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix after reports surfaced that the treatment may be linked to a rare sleep disorder. Read More »

Caifornia healthcare workers' flu vaccination rates lagging

Only 52 percent of California hospital employees have received flu vaccinations, a new study has shown, despite a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommendation that at least 60 percent be vaccinated. Read More »

Clinical trials to begin for new malaria vaccine

An international team of scientists plans to begin clinical trials for a new malaria vaccine later this year. Read More »

Malaria drugs sent to Africa being stolen at high rate

A recent study has shown that free malaria drugs sent to Africa by international donors are being stolen and resold on commercial markets. Read More »

Three Bangladeshi children die after receiving measles vaccine

Officials in Barisal, Banlgadesh, reported that three children recently died after being injected with a measles vaccine at Kalikapur Community Health Clinic in Hijla upazila of Barisal. Read More »

Abbott Laboratories to keep vaccines division

Abbott Laboratories, a drug and medical device company, announced on September 3 that it no longer plans to sell its new vaccines division. Read More »

Error caused Bangladeshi infant vaccine deaths

An investigation into the deaths of three infants in Bangladesh that occurred only hours after they received measles vaccinations has concluded that Read More »

Ohio county declares whooping cough outbreak

Health officials in Ohio have declared a whooping cough outbreak in Franklin County and are now encouraging at-risk residents to get a booster shot. Read More »

Method for controlling West Nile virus found

Scientists from Yale and McGill University have recently identified a protein that has proven critical in fighting West Nile virus in mice and that may have therapeutic implications for controlling the virus in humans. Read More »

Influenza expert warns of bird flu threat

Influenza expert Robert Webster recently warned health authorities that bird flu continues to remain a threat and could be the cause of the next global outbreak. Read More »

WHO official warns that vaccine production must be increased

World Health Organization official have announced that, while the vaccine used to combat the recent swine flu pandemic was effective, health officials will need to will need to increase the speed and volume of production during the next global outbreak. Read More »

Expert says Calif. whooping cough deaths stemmed from misdiagnosis

A California state review has determined that all eight of the infants who have died during the state Read More »

WHO chief warns of fresh H1N1 outbreaks

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan recently warned that although the recent H1N1 pandemic has been officially declared over, health officials still need to be remain alert for fresh outbreaks. Read More »