CDC say s Tdap vaccination rates lagging

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that adult Tdap vaccination rates for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis protection are in need of improvement. Read More »

WHO announces new plan to stop TB

The World Health Organization recently announced that it believes more than 5 million lives can be saved in the next five years if countries and donors fully support its new plan to stop tuberculosis. Read More »

WHO sees end to TB

Officials with the World Health Organization said a plan released this week to eliminate tuberculosis identifies research gaps that need to be filled in order to speed up TB tests and create faster treatment regimens. Read More »

Rapidly produced flu vaccine may be safe, effective

A flu vaccine that is produced through faster methods may be as safe and effective as traditional flu vaccines, a new study has revealed. Read More »

Super vaccine may fight multidrug-resistant TB

Researchers say they may have developed a potential new super vaccine to ward off multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Read More »

Medicago developing broad coverage flu vaccine

Medicago Inc. has recently received $946,000 in funding to develop a broad coverage influenza vaccine based on its proprietary plant-based Virus-Like Particle technologies. Read More »

Americans show concern about taking flu vaccine

Drug makers are promising a record supply - 160 million doses - of the 2010 seasonal flu vaccine, but Americans appear concerned about taking it. Read More »

IDRI announces new TB vaccine

The Infectious Disease Research Institute announced on October 16 that it has developed a new vaccine against tuberculosis that has proven effective against drug-resistant strains in animal trials. Read More »

CDC says flu levels currently low

Officials with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that the flu is circulating at low levels in the U.S. with H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B strains appearing sporadically. Read More »

University Research Co. awarded funds to fight TB

University Research Co., LLC, has been awarded $225 million for a five year project to fight tuberculosis in countries most affected by the highly contagious and deadly bacterial infection. Read More »

Minnesota reports second flu death

A second death attributable to the flu was reported on October 18 in Minnesota, with state health officials issuing an advisory in response. Read More »

Duke University to begin trials of mosaic HIV vaccine

Scientists from Duke University Medical Center recently called together an international team of vaccine experts to attempt the first human trial of a mosaic HIV vaccine candidate. Read More »

Dengue fever cases in India continue to climb

In New Delhi, India, 65 new cases of dengue fever were reported on October 19, bringing the total number of infected this season to 4,679. Read More »

Flu vaccinations for poor predicated on doctor reimbursement rates

The number of poor U.S. children who are administered the influenza vaccine is dependent on how much doctors are paid in reimbursements, according to researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Read More »

Whooping cough on the rise in South Carolina

State health officials in South Carolina have reported that the number of pertussis cases, or whooping cough, have begun to rise. Read More »

Lipoxen reports positive results for its flu vaccine

Officials with Lipoxen announced this week that preliminary tests show that its new influenza vaccine appears to be effective. Read More »

Taiwan creating command center to stop dengue fever

Health officials in Taiwan announced this week that the city will be setting up a command center to stop the dengue fever that has been spreading quickly throughout the country. Read More »

Indian officials call WHO malaria estimates low

Health officials in India estimate that more than 200,000 people in that country may be dying of malaria each year. Read More »

Meningitis strikes Colorado State students

A student from Colorado State University died from bacterial meningitis on October 20 while another student remains hospitalized in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a possible infection. Read More »

Tenth California infant dies from whooping cough

A tenth infant death has been reported in California attributable to pertussis, or whooping cough, as the state is mired in the middle of what health officials are calling the worst whooping cough outbreak in the last 60 years. Read More »