H5N1 confirmed on Canadian turkey farm

Health officials have confirmed a case of avian influenza on a Manitoba, Canada, turkey farm, but they do not believe the strain to be the same as the one that proved deadly in Asia. Read More »

New meningitis vaccine developed

A new vaccine has been developed with a major contribution from the Health Protection Agency in England that may save millions of people from the group A meningitis epidemic that regularly sweeps across sub-Saharan Africa. Read More »

Iowa whooping cough cases continue to grow

Cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, are on the rise in Iowa this year and in the conceivable future. Read More »

GAVI seeks to raise vaccination funds

An advocacy group attempting to raise $3.7 billion has been created by the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization in an effort to make up for a shortfall resulting from the global financial crisis and reduced donor contributions. Read More »