Kenya launches polio vaccination drive

Kenyan officials launched a polio vaccination campaign in 22 districts on Saturday in areas considered highly at risk of outbreak due to their proximity to neighboring countries that have recently suffered polio outbreaks. Read More »

U.N. investigating source of cholera outbreak

Though the United Nations and the World Health Organization have frequently denied claims that the UN Nepalese peacekeepers are the source of Haiti Read More »

New TB regiment set to be tested

The Global Alliance for TB Drug Development has announced the launch of a clinical trial to test a novel tuberculosis regiment that may be able to treat both drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis using a single three-drug combination. Read More »

New study shows H1N1 similar to seasonal H3N2

While the strange spring emergence and summer activity of the 2009 novel H1N1 virus raised suspicions that the virus Read More »

Hong Kong reports no new bird flu cases

According to health authorities in eastern China, there has been no detection of human cases of bird flu after a Hong Kong woman contracted the potentially deadly condition. Read More »

Low cost meningitis vaccine set for release

The World Health Organization will release a new meningitis vaccine, MenAfriVac, to over 12 million people in Burkino Faso as part of an Africa-wide immunization plan. Read More »

Pennsylvania reports first flu death of the year

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has confirmed that a 45-year-old-man from Lehigh County has passed away as a result of the flu. Read More »

Indiana facing largest whooping cough outbreak in 50 years

The Indiana State Department of Health has reported 500 cases of whooping cough, which is the largest outbreak of the bacterial infection in the state since 1959. Read More »

DR Congo continues polio vaccination drive

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has begun the second round of a mass immunization campaign in nine provinces targeted at immunizing all children under the age of five against polio. Read More »

Report shows higher incidence of 2009 H1N1 in Canada

A report released this Tuesday by the Canadian Institute for Health Information found that over 15,000 Canadians were hospitalized between April and December 2009 for H1N1. Read More »

Antimicrobial eliminates tuberculosis in under five minutes

Independent results from MicroChem Laboratory, Inc., have indicated that BioNeutral Group Read More »

Polio elimination could save $50 billion

Research led by the non-profit Kid Risk and published in the November issue of Vaccine estimated that the global campaign to eliminate polio will save between $40 billion and $50 billion if it is eradicated within five years. Read More »

Experts call for U.S. cholera vaccine stockpile

Three health experts have recommended that the United States begin creating a stockpile of cholera vaccines so that they could be rapidly deployed to areas with major cholera outbreaks like the current one in Haiti. Read More »

Sierra Leone, UNICEF team up for anti-malaria campaign

The Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and UNICEF, along with other partners, are collaborating on a $23 million anti-malaria campaign, attempting to get insecticide-treated mosquito nets into each household in the country and to ensure their proper use. Read More »

San Diego County facing rising whooping cough numbers

Twenty-one new cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, have been reported in teens and children at 17 schools around San Diego County, California, raising the total reported cases this year in the county to 931. Read More »

Study shows influenza vaccine effectiveness for young children

A Finnish research study has presented promising data that may show the effectiveness of flu vaccines for younger children, which they hope will prompt countries to immunize children between the ages of six and 35 months. Read More »

Wild birds spreading H5N1 in Asia

Wild birds whose migration patterns have been tracked by satellite may be spreading the H5N1 avian influenza to Mongolia from India or Tibet when they fly north in the spring, which may explain past outbreaks. Read More »

Papua New Guinea facing cholera epidemic

A cholera outbreak that began in July 2009 in Papua New Guinea has infected at least 5,000 people and has claimed the lives of at least 79, causing overcrowded hospitals and a quickly diminishing stockpile of treatments. Read More »

Oklahoma whooping cough cases on the rise

Health officials in Oklahoma have announced that the state has seen 66 confirmed cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, this year. Read More »

CDC says adult vaccination rates lagging

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report has shown that vaccination rates for adults ages 19 and older continued to fall below optimal levels in 2009, though some conditions, like influenza and hepatitis B, saw improvement. Read More »