TB kills 4,000 people with HIV daily

According to a World Health Organization report, tuberculosis is still responsible for the deaths of over 4,000 people with HIV every day throughout the world. Read More »

Miami sees first locally acquired case of dengue in 60 years

A Miami, Florida individual was diagnosed with the first locally acquired case of dengue fever in over 60 years. Read More »

Source of North Carolina hepatitis B outbreak revealed

Investigators believe the improper use of blood glucose level testers are most likely behind the cause of a hepatitis B outbreak at a Mount Olive, North Carolina, nursing home. Read More »

Washington county sees twice the TB rate as nation

King County in Washington State has a tuberculosis rate that is twice that of the national average, a recent report has revealed. Read More »

California has worst whooping cough season since 1950

Through November 9 this year, California has seen its worst season of whooping cough, or pertussis, since 1950. Read More »

Two H3N2 cases confirmed

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that it has confirmed two human infections with the swine-related influenza A virus, also known as H3N2. Read More »

New vaccination method developed

Researchers have developed a new vaccination method for rotavirus, one of the common causes of severe diarrheal disease that causes approximately 500,000 deaths among children in developing countries annually. Read More »

India facing mounting TB infections

India had the highest burden of tuberculosis in 2009 with close to 2 million new cases, a new study has revealed. Read More »

Riots in Haiti as cholera death toll rises

Riots on Monday in Haiti demonstrated the country Read More »

Funding gap revealed in TB fight

As the estimated need for TB control in 2010 rose to $6 billion, a funding gap of $1.3 billion has officials worried that strains of tuberculosis, including multi-drug resistant strains, may go untreated in underdeveloped nations. Read More »

Polio outbreak in the Congo kills 128

A recent polio outbreak in the Central African Republic of Congo has killed 128 people and paralyzed a further 280, according to reports from the Red Cross. Read More »

Kenya testing for TB door-to-door

Door-to-door screenings started last September by tuberculosis patients in Kenya are helping to find harder to reach TB patients that would otherwise remain undetected. Read More »

Grant awarded for microneedle vaccination technology

A research group consisting of the Seattle-based nonprofit organization PATH, Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded $10 million by the National Institutes of Health to advance a new flu vaccine technology that uses micr Read More »

Florida cholera case linked to Haiti outbreak

A southwest Florida woman who had contracted cholera was officially linked to the Haiti outbreak by health officials on Wednesday. Read More »

CDC study shows adults lack proper vaccinations

New data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that American adults lack proper vaccinations against preventable infectious illnesses. Read More »

New TB test may change how poorer countries find TB

A new molecular tuberculosis test called Xpert MTB/RIF may change the way TB and multi-drug resistant TB is found in low and middle income countries, according to a scientist from the Foundations for Innovative New Diagnostics. Read More »

Poverty driving TB pandemic in Africa

According to a report given by the STOP TB department of the World Health Organization, the high poverty levels in Africa are driving the re-emerging tuberculosis pandemic. Read More »

Health officials encourage vaccinations for adults

After California Read More »

Hong Kong sees first bird flu diagnosis in seven years

According to health officials, doctors in Hong Kong have recently diagnosed the first case of bird flu there in the last seven years. Read More »

Whooping cough infections top 6,795 in California

Health officials in California and other states are urging people to get vaccinated against pertussis, or whooping cough, as this year Read More »