New TB fighting theory combines injections and antibiotics

Pharmaceutical giant Archivel Farma has announced that it is considering a new theory about tuberculosis and is taking steps to combat the disease, which has caused two million deaths in the past year. Read More »

U.K. bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine

In an eight-page decision released on May 24, Britain Read More »

Delayed childhood vaccines not beneficial, study says

Two University of Louisville School of Medicine doctors have concluded that delaying childhood vaccinations does not improve children Read More »

Universal flu vaccine moves one step closer

A new influenza vaccine has been developed by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine that brings a universal influenza vaccine one step closer and would eliminate the need for seasonal flu shots. Read More »

FDA clears H1N1 test

A test for the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus in patients displaying signs and symptoms of respiratory infection has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Read More »

WHO delegates step up fight against vaccine treatable diseases

At the conclusion of their five-day meeting, World Health Organization delegates decreed that they will promote efforts to reduce the child morality rate, according to CIDRAP News. Read More »

Preclinical development of dengue vaccine announced

Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc., and Hawaii Biotech, Inc., announced on May 25 that they will be joining forces with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for preclinical development of a dengue vaccine. Read More »

Obama's advisors identify vaccine fixes

Quicker identification of pandemic viruses and a switch from egg to cell-based production were short term measures President Obama Read More »

H1N1 outbreak in Alabama declared over

The H1N1 virus outbreak appears to be contained and conquered in Alabama, according to a report by WAFF. Read More »

Malaria vaccine shows postitive effectiveness in tests

Advanced Life Sciences Holdings recently announced that studies testing the effectiveness of its drug Restanza, an oral antibiotic used to combat a type of Plasmodium that cause malaria, have been positive. Read More »

"Vaccine choice" rally held in Chicago

A Read More »

Former HHS deputy secretary says Wakefield has much to answer for

Tevi Troy, the former Deputy Secretary of United States Department of Health and Human Services, says in an an article penned for the National Review that disgraced British doctor Andrew Wakefield "has a lot to answer for" about his study linking the meas Read More »

H1N1 could be important to future vaccination laws, expert says

A legal expert says the way that the H1N1 flu pandemic unfolded could be an important reference for how future laws can make vaccines more readily available at a time of need but can also hinder efforts to immunize the public. Read More »