Pfizer, Glaxo sign 10-year vaccine deal for poor

LONDON Read More »

NASA, cruise line got H1N1 shots early on, AP reveals

Last fall, as H1N1 flu cases mounted and parents desperately sought to protect their kids, the hard-to-get vaccine was handed out in some surprising places. Read More »

Aeras participates in events around the world on TB Day

On March 24, Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation recommitted itself to developing new and better TB vaccines and observed World TB Day 2010 by participating in events on three continents, the group said in a press release. Read More »

Clinton urges renewed commitment to battling TB

In remarks March 24, World Tuberculosis Day, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton urged everyone to "reaffirm our commitment to tackle this deadly disease together." Read More »

CDC marks World TB Day 2010

World TB Day is March 24. This annual event commemorates the date in 1882 when Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. Read More »

European partnership helps accelerate innovation against tuberculosis

This year's World TB Day theme, "On the move against tuberculosis: Innovate to accelerate action," addresses a critical aspect of the core business and values of the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership. Read More »

80-year-old vaccine not enough to fight TB, researcher says

Although tuberculosis remains a global threat and a strengthening foe, the most effective vaccine against it is more than 80 years old. Read More »

U.S. not immune to TB threat, policy consultant says

There is relatively little interest about tuberculosis in the United States because there is a perception that this is just a developing world issue, says Tevi Troy, a writer and consultant on health care and domestic policy Read More »

Joint venture fights TB with vaccine candidate

When researchers at Oxford University took their development of a vaccine candidate against tuberculosis as far as they could, they found a commercial partner in Emergent BioSolutions. Read More »

Merck KGaA suspends Stimuvax cancer vaccine trials

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Novavax cites positive H1N1 flu vaccine data

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BioSante's leukemia vaccine gets orphan drug status

BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s treatment for acute myeloid leukemia received orphan-drug designation from the Food and Drug Administration on March 23 as the vaccine led to increased remission rates in a Phase II study. Read More »

2 pandemic flu viruses' lack of sugar could aid vaccine design

The influenza viruses responsible for the pandemics of 1918 and 2009 share a structural detail that makes both susceptible to neutralization by the same antibodies, according to research by the NIAID. Read More »

Rapid development of drug-resistant H1N1 flu reported in 2 cases

Two people with compromised immune systems who became ill with 2009 H1N1 influenza developed drug-resistant strains of virus after less than two weeks on therapy, doctors from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reported March 26. Read More »

CDC sees sustained H1N1 activity in Southeast

Flu indicators are showing signs of increased and sustained pandemic flu activity in some Southeastern states, though rates remain steady at the national level, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said March 26. Read More »

Q fever vaccine urged for at-risk group

Doctors in the Netherlands have urged the country Read More »

State ends mercury-limit suspension for H1N1 flu vaccine

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Cuba to vaccinate more than 1.1 million

Cuba will begin vaccinating nearly 10 percent of its citizens against swine flu this week, reversing its previous skepticism about the high cost and effectiveness of immunization to combat the virus, The Associated Press reported March 26. Read More »

Experts to review WHO's H1N1 flu response

A group of outside experts will scrutinize the WHO's response to the H1N1flu outbreak and likely examine whether the global body could have been clearer when it declared a pandemic of what has turned out to be a relatively mild disease. Read More »