Typhoid fever found at Miami restaurant

More than 70 employees at a Chili's restaurant in Miami are being screened by health officials after a cook was diagnosed with typhoid fever. Read More »

Molecular pumps could make vaccines stronger

Scientists at the University of California - Berkeley have found that molecular pumps in Listeria bacteria that expel antibiotics, which make the bug harder to kill with standard drugs, also expel small signaling molecules that stimulate a strong immune r Read More »

Men could also benefit from HPV vaccine

Time Magazine reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says men can also benefit from the HPV vaccine Gardasil and that it is a safe method of preventing genital warts. Read More »

Three measles cases confirmed in Missouri

Health officials in Greene County, Mo., are reporting three confirmed cases of measles in May, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Read More »

Whooping cough returning on the West Coast

Whooping cough is making a comeback on the West Coast, HealthNews reports in a May 30 article. Read More »

Dynavax's two Phase III hepatitis vaccine trials obtains DSMB clearance

Officials with Dynavax Technologies recently announced the second of its planned safety assessments have been completed for Phase III trials of Heplisav, a vaccine designed to protect against hepatitis B., according to a report. Read More »

Child swine flu vaccine results positive

Researchers in the U.K. say that a trial of swine flu vaccines has shown to provide Read More »

Massive measles immunization program set for Zimbabwe

The largest vaccination campaign in Zimbabwe history, which will fight measles, will kick off soon, European Commission medical expert and overseer of the campaign Dr. Torben Bruhn recently told Read More »

Skin cancer vaccine on the horizon

British researchers have begun testing a new vaccine that could potentially end up reversing the deadly skin cancer melanoma, according to a recent report by Read More »

Dengue fever returns to U.S.

After a 65-year absence, dengue fever has returned to the United States, according to a report by Read More »

Study examines public behavior during H1N1 pandemic

The recently-published results of a new Harvard study concluded that a significant portion of the American public may not be willing to get immunized with another new flu vaccine, according to a Homeland Security Today news report. Read More »

Dengue fever drug shows efficacy

There are no approved vaccines for the prevention of Dengue virus, but that could change, according to NanoVircides, Inc. Read More »

WHO says H1N1 pandemic slowing

In a statement released on its website, the World Health Organization's Emergency Committee said on Tuesday that the worst of the H1N1 pandemic influenza outbreak that spread rapidly last summer appears to have passed, though it did not go so far as to ca Read More »

H1N1 vaccine not a high risk for Guillain-Barre syndrome

There is no more notable risk of a form of paralysis for people who received H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine compared to those who received a seasonal flu shot. Read More »

Only a third of women being vaccinated for HPV

FoxNews has reported that only a third of young women are being vaccinated for cervical cancer prevention. Read More »

Molecular explanation for the evolution of Tamiflu resistance found

Caltech biologists have identified molecular changes that have assisted resistance in the antiviral drug Tamiflu, according to a statement released by Caltech officials. Read More »

Brain cancer vaccine shows promise

Officials with ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd. announced las week that the early clinical trial of its brain cancer vaccine is showing progress, Reuters reports. Read More »

WHO under fire for H1N1 pandemic classification

The Med Guru reports that the World Health Organization is under fire for declaring that the H1N1 virus was a pandemic. Read More »

New TB vaccines needed, conference reports

The Bangladesh New Nation reports that new tuberculosis vaccines are promising but need to be researched far more before they become available to the public. Read More »

Movement on for mandatory flu shots

The movement for mandatory flu shots in medical facilities is beginning to catch on, according to a recent report by Read More »