California reports first West Nile cases of the year

California health officials have recently urged residents to take precautions after the first two positive cases of West Nile Virus were reported in the state. Read More »

MabVax begins Phase II testing of sarcoma vaccine

MabVax Therapeutics, Inc., has announced the enrollment of patients into a Phase II clinical trial to assess the efficacy and safety of a vaccine to prevent or delay the recurrence of sarcoma. Read More »

Merck buys dengue fever vaccine research unit

Merck & Co. has agreed to purchase the dengue fever vaccine research unit of Hawaii Biotech. Read More »

Idaho seeing twice as much whooping cough this year

Twice the average numbers of cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, have been reported so far this year in Idaho. Read More »

Discovery could lead to celiac disease vaccine

It has been 60 years since scientists found the link between gluten and celiac disease, but only recently have they found the precise cause of the immune reaction that can cause so much pain and discomfort to sufferers. Read More »

FluMist vaccine begins shipping

Shipments of FluMist have begun to influenza vaccine distributors servicing healthcare providers nationwide today, MedImmune has announced. Read More »

Vaccine may prevent infant pneumonia infection

A pneumococcal conjugate vaccine introduced a decade ago in the United States appears to reduce pneumonia and serious associated complications in children under one year of age, researchers have recently revealed. Read More »

Trinidad reports third dengue fever death

Trinidad has announced its third fatality from the hemorrhagic form of dengue fever, health officials reported on July 25. Read More »

Smallpox inoculation may slow HIV infection

According to a new study released on July 22, smallpox inoculation may offer some protection against primary HIV infection. Read More »

Results of Vac-4x HIV vaccine announced

Researchers with the Oslo University and Bionor Immuno at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria, recently released the results of a re-vaccination study of Norway Read More »

Trovan lawsuit stalls

A lawsuit filed by the Nigerian victims of the 1996 Trovan meningitis vaccine test hit a snag after officials with Federal High Court in Abuja, Nigeria, set aside the service of the court Read More »

Polio drive kicks off in Afghanistan

Fourteen provinces in Afghanistan began seeing more than 20,000 volunteers and health workers moving door-to-door to administer two drops of the oral polio vaccine to children under the age of five on Monday. Read More »

Texas sees whooping cough cases rise

As California faces one of the state's worst whooping cough outbreaks in more than 50 years, which has resulted in six infant deaths and 1500 confirmed infections, Texas health department officials have now begun reporting increases in whooping cough infe Read More »

Immune Design receives funds to create new adjuvants

Immune Design, a biotech company based in Seattle, Wash., has received $32 million in Series B investment to finance the next stage of its development plans for new and better vaccines. Read More »

Health officials searching for source of California pertussis outbreak

Federal health officials are currently searching for the cause of what is set to be California Read More »

J. Tyler Martin named president of Dynavax Technologies

J. Tyler Martin has been promoted by Dynavax Technologies to the newly-created position of president. Read More »

Emergency vaccinations to aid Haitian children

A second round of emergency immunizations in Haiti against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, rubella and polio has been announced by the United Nations to aid an additional 500,000 children. Read More »

Universal flu vaccine begins Phase I testing

Dynavax Technologies Corporation has recently begun Phase I human testing of its universal influenza vaccine. Read More »

Antigenics reports positive results for herpes vaccine

Antigenics, a Massachusetts-based biotech firm, recently reported positive results for a human trial of a potential herpes vaccine. Read More »

Oregon health officials express fears that whooping cough migrating

Oregon health officials have expressed concern that the whooping cough epidemic currently taking place in California could soon cross the border into their state. Read More »