Nevada warns of whooping cough

Officials from the Southern Nevada Health District, which includes the city of Las Vegas, urged that residents, particularly children, be immunized against pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Read More »

Watchdog group calls for vaccine pricing investigation

The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has called for an investigation into the vaccine pricing polices of two pharmaceutical companies. Read More »

CDC says mumps outbreak continues in N.Y.

The Center for Disease Control has issued a preliminary set of data regarding mumps cases for 2010 in the United States. Read More »

H1N1 pandemic to be downgraded

The World Health Organization is preparing to downgrade the status of the H1N1 influenza pandemic at a meeting of its emergency committee, which is expected to take place in late July Read More »

NIH gives grant for malaria research center

The National Institutes of Health have given the University of California San Diego a seven-year, $9.2 million grant to develop a joint Peruvian/Brazilian malaria research center. Read More »

Newly discovered antibodies may boost AIDS vaccine research

Researchers have discovered three human antibodies that neutralize HIV, raising hopes of a breakthrough HIV vaccine. Read More »

Orange County whooping cough cases nearly double in two weeks

Health officials in Orange County, California, have reported that whooping cough cases continue to climb, although no new local deaths have been reported. Read More »

Australian anti-vaccine group found to be misleading

An anti-vaccination group in Australia has been ordered by the Health Care Complaints Commission to include disclaimers on its Web site after the group was found guilty of providing misleading information on immunizations,. Read More »

Unvaccinated farmworkers not the cause of Calif. whooping cough

California county and state health reports have debunked speculation that the reason Fresno County was hardest hit by the current whooping cough epidemic was because of unvaccinated Hispanic farmworkers spreading the disease. Read More »

Live vaccinations could fight flu more efficiently

A new, quicker and more efficient manner for developing vaccines against flu strains has been developed by scientists. Read More »

As many as 900 exposed to whooping cough at MSU

As many as 900 people may have been exposed to an whooping cough by someone with an undiagnosed case of the infection at Michigan State University's Grandparents University from June 29 to July 1. Read More »

Rotavirus vaccines show efficacy in study

Florida researchers have announced the results of an investigation into the effectiveness of two Rotavirus vaccines in a retrospective study that shows the vaccines may have resulted in fewer hospitalizations. Read More »

QIAGEN HPV test improves cervical cancer control

Researchers with QIAGEN said a recent study has shown that Latin American women who used its human papillomavirus test showed improved cervical cancer control when compared to regular cytology testing. Read More »

CDC asks for public comment on H1n1 guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control recently asked for the public to comment on its new guidance for preventing transmission of influenza in health care settings, as well the replacement for its interim guidance for H1N1. Read More »

Case Western given grant to fight malaria

The National Institute of Health has given a $7.9 million grant to the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine to send a research team to Southeast Asia to help eradicate malaria. Read More »

Lessens learned from H1N1 pandemic revealed

Pharmaceutical companies have begun the process of finding out where things went wrong in their experiences during the less damaging than expected H1N1 pandemic. Read More »

Arctic bacteria used to create new vaccines

By replacing some of the genes in mammalian pathogens with those found in arctic bacteria, Francis Nano of the University of Victoria in Canada may have found the key to make a new class of vaccines. Read More »

Research shows dengue moving north

According to government research released this week, five percent of the population of Key West, Florida, has been infected at some point with the dengue virus. Read More »

Calif. urgers pertussis vaccination for pregnant women

The state of California and the city and county of San Francisco have recommended a pertussis vaccine for women in their third trimester in light of the recent whooping cough epidemic in the state. Read More »

Nasal vaccine against flu gets green light in Canada

Officials with Health Canada have recently approved the first nasal vaccine to protect users against seasonal influenza. Read More »