South African vaccine maker boosts its continental reach

South African vaccine maker Biovac Institute, in partnership with major pharmaceutical firms, is on track to boost annual capacity sevenfold to 35 million doses by 2013, its deputy chief executive said. Read More »

WHO says 13 districts in Afghanistan critical for polio eradication

Successful anti-polio action depends on vaccinators being able to reach and immunize every child under 5 years old in 13 volatile districts in the southern provinces of Kandahar, Helmand and Farah. Read More »

Gastric ulcer bacteria turn immune defense inward, researchers say

Despite a strong response from our immune defense, the body is unable to rid itself of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Read More »

WHO addresses allegations of faking pandemic

The World Health Organization released a statement Jan. 22 addressing allegations of a conflict of interest and a fake pandemic meant to aid the pharmaceutical industry. Read More »

Malaria vaccine 3 years off,' Gates says

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has told the BBC that a vaccine for malaria could be just three years away. Read More »

Vical to present vaccine development programs

Vical Inc. announced that it would present an overview of its DNA vaccine and adjuvant technologies and an update on its clinical-stage vaccine development programs at the Phacilitate Vaccine Forum in Washington. Read More »

Irish officials warn parents about measles outbreak

Parents in the south of Ireland have been urged to ensure their children are protected against measles following a recent outbreak of the disease, the Irish Times reported Jan. 26. Read More »

Rotavirus vaccine 'could save millions of­­ lives'


Canada gives WHO 5 million doses of H1N1 vaccine

TORONTO Read More »

Mich. county's chicken pox cases increase

Health Department officials in Oakland County, Michigan, say they are seeing more children than expected being diagnosed with chicken pox for this time of year. Read More »

Burkina Faso site begins vaccinations in RTS,S Phase 3 trial

NANORO, Burkina Faso Read More »

BARDA funding to support flu vaccine production in Vietnam

PATH has received an award from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to support the enhancement of sustainable influenza vaccine production in Vietnam. Read More »

Vaccine approach extends life of prostate cancer patients, trial shows

In a newly published clinical trial, patients with metastatic prostate cancer who received a vaccine of harmless poxviruses lived substantially longer than patients who received a placebo vaccine. Read More »

Open letter to the American people about the H1N1 flu vaccine

More than 30 health providers and organizations released an open letter advising people to get vaccinated. Below is the text of that letter. Read More »

PATH, NIAID to conduct Phase 1 trial of adjuvant

PATH signed an agreement with the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the NIAID in Bethesda, Md., to conduct a Phase 1 clinical trial of the double mutant heat-labile toxin (dmLT) vaccine/adjuvant. Read More »

New work offers hope for effective salmonella vaccine

Research from Malawi, Birmingham and Liverpool has renewed hope that an effective vaccine could be developed against nontyphoidal strains of salmonella. Read More »

3.7 million in England get H1N1 flu shots

LONDON Read More »

New vaccine method is cheaper more effective, researchers say

Traditional vaccines can be ineffective and expensive. Now, an interdisciplinary team of Cornell researchers has devised a new way to make vaccines that promises to prevent diseases much more cheaply, the university announced Jan. 25. Read More »