Partnership to support vaccine formulation across PATH projects

PATH, an international nonprofit global health organization, recently signed an agreement with the University of Kansas Center for Research to support the advancement of vaccine candidates across its vaccine development portfolio. Read More »

Gates: $10 billion vaccine program could save 8.7 million lives

DAVOS, Switzerland Read More »

Vaccine 'could cut HIV TB deaths'

A vaccine could cut tuberculosis cases among HIV-positive Africans by almost two-fifths, a U.S. study suggests. Read More »

MSF says it is responding to rise in malaria infections in Burundi

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The Lancet retracts study linking autism to vaccine

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VLP vaccine protects monkeys from chikungunya virus

An experimental vaccine developed using non-infectious virus-like particles has protected macaques and mice against chikungunya virus, researchers at the National Institutes of Health have found. Read More »

PATH paying FDA for work on a pneumococcal disease vaccine

A nonprofit organization is paying the Food and Drug Administration to help develop a better vaccine against pneumococcal disease in poor countries, The New York Times reported Feb. 1. Read More »

Some viruses use fats to penetrate a cell

SV40 viruses use an amazing means of communication, in order to be able to penetrate into a cell: fats, whose structure must fit like a key in a lock, ScienceDaily reported Jan. 29. Read More »

NanoBio Awarded Key Patent Covering Vaccine and Anti-Infective Product Platforms

NanoBio Corp. announced Feb. 2 that a sixth U.S. patent covering its novel nanoemulsion technology has been awarded. The patent encompasses composition of matter claims for the company Read More »

Biotech companies find progress in vaccine market

When it comes to vaccines, everyone now wants to get in on the action. Read More »

Trial nicotine vaccine may help prevent smoking addiction, relapse

Oregon Health & Science University is participating in a Phase III clinical trial to determine whether a new investigational smoking cessation aid called NicVAX is safe, effective and capable of stimulating an immune response, the school announced Feb. 3. Read More »

More H1N1 vaccines recalled in Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. Read More »

Bharat Biotech releases 1 billionth dose of vaccine

Manufacturer Bharat Biotech on Feb. 3 delivered its billionth vaccine dose and announced plans to invest Rs. 250 crore in two years to carry forward clinical trials in different disciplines, the India Gazette announced Feb. Read More »

Study investigates who is most likely to take precautions during a pandemic

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Progress is slow on moving surplus H1N1 flu vaccine to countries in need

There is now so much unused H1N1 pandemic flu vaccine in the world that rich nations, including the United States, are trying to get rid of their surpluses. Read More »

Researchers say dengue fever cases surge in Central, Latin America

SANTIAGO, Chile Read More »

President's budget boosts funds for tropical diseases


Researchers uncover genome of malaria parasite

Research done at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University's School of Biological Sciences could lead to the development of more potent drugs or a vaccine for malaria, ScienceDaily reported Feb. 5. Read More »

25 percent of Americans get H1N1 vaccine, CDC director says

More than 75 million Americans, or close to 25 percent of the population, have been vaccinated against the pandemic H1N1 virus, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated Feb. 4. Read More »

Efforts needed to boost adult immunizations, study says

According to a national report, millions of adult Americans are vulnerable to diseases that can be forestalled by vaccines, CIDRAP News reported Feb. 4. Read More »