HHS teams with Walgreens to fight flu

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has announced that Walgreens will donate $10 million worth of vouchers for free flu shots. Read More »

French researchers use algae to fight malaria

Researchers from laboratories in northern France have protected and vaccinated mice against malaria using a starch created from green algae that was genetically modified to contain vaccine proteins. Read More »

Expert blames current U.K. flu outbreak on lack of awareness

Professor Steve Field has speculated that a lack of a public awareness campaign in the United Kingdom has contributed to a rise in H1N1 swine flu cases, which have doubled in the last week. Read More »

Pakistani polio victims traced to weakened vaccine

According to health authorities in Pakistan, over 78 percent of the confirmed polio cases in the country have been in children who were given polio drops. Read More »

Prison TB spreading the disease in the general population

According to researchers in Italy and Britain, the high incidence and spread of tuberculosis in prisons leads to a higher number of tuberculosis cases in the general population. Read More »

Medicago completes Phase II H5N1 vaccine trial

Canadian biotechnology company Medicago, Inc. has announced the completion of the first part of its Phase II human clinical trial for an H5N1 avian influenza vaccine. Read More »

Nurses feel prepared for potential flu epidemic

A survey of 525 nurses from leading hospitals in the United States found that 93 percent of nurses feel confident that hospitals are Read More »

Panama braces for cholera

The government of Panama issued a sanitary alert, promoting hygiene and awareness in an effort to prevent the spread of cholera, which has been spreading throughout Haiti since October. Read More »

Flu activity low so far this season

Flu activity in the U.S. has been low so far this fall, but the Centers for Disease Control predicts it will rise in the weeks and months to come. Read More »

Speedier new method of vaccine development created

A group of British researchers has developed a new screening process that can study possible deadly disease-causing bacteria that will lead to speedier development of vaccines. Read More »

Researchers create faster vaccine methodology

University of Rochester researchers have developed a new methodology for creating vaccines that uses genetically-altered bacteria to create an influenza vaccine. Read More »

Britain facing flu epidemic

Influenza levels in Britain are higher and are rising more sharply than they did at this point in 1999, when the country was on its way to a flu epidemic. Read More »

Dominican Republic reports cholera death

Health officials are looking into what may be the first cholera death in the Dominican Republic. Read More »

Influenza rates on the rise in Northern Hemisphere

Influenza activity increased in multiple Northern Hemisphere locations including the United States. Read More »

Egypt facing swine flu outbreak

The H1N1 swine flu virus has infected 1,172 people in Egypt with 56 deaths since October 8, despite Egyptian efforts to shut schools, stop sick travelers at airports and cull all pigs. Read More »

Tennessee has highest rate of immunization

In the annual America's Health Rankings report, the state of Tennessee has been found to have the highest rate of immunization for particular vaccines for children aged 19 to 35 months this year. Read More »

New class of drugs to treat hepatitis B, tuberculosis discovered

A team of researchers has discovered new classes of drugs that could some day to be used to treat hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Read More »

Yellow fever outbreak reported in Uganda

The Ministry of Health in Uganda is attempting to deliver 2.5 million vaccinations for yellow fever to protect people from the deadly disease as a current outbreak has infected 178 people and killed 45 people. Read More »

Europe braces for flu impact

As the number of cases of flu in the United Kingdom begins to rise, with swine flu as the dominant strain, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has warned that most of Europe is experiencing increases too. Read More »

Maine confirms new whooping cough cases

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 13 cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, since November 1 in the state, which is up from seven cases in the same period last year. Read More »