Georgia leading the nation in flu cases

According to the Center of Disease Control Read More »

TB may use bone marrow stem cells to suppress the immune system

A recent study led by New Delhi-based scientist Gobardhan Das has found that the tuberculosis bacteria may use bone marrow stem cells to hide in the lungs to suppress the immune system and remain alive. Read More »

Southwestern Haiti sees cholera deaths on the rise

Cholera deaths are on the rise in southwestern Haiti, an area left relatively untouched by the recent outbreak. Read More »

Obama declares National Influenza Vaccination Week

President Barack Obama recently declared December 5 through December 11, 2010, to be National Influenza Vaccination Week. Read More »

Unidentified illness hits Uganda

International health experts are working closely with Uganda to identify an unclassified illness that has claimed the lives of 38 people in the north of the country. Read More »

Flu viruses building resistance to antiviral drugs

A study has confirmed that flu viruses can build up a resistance to the two currently approved classes of antiviral drugs in several ways and that resistance has risen over the last three years. Read More »

New TB test returns results in only two hours

Health officials say there is a new test for tuberculosis that is cheaper and faster than existing tests and will be available soon to developing countries. Read More »

Source of Haiti cholera called into question

A report written by a French doctor and deemed inconclusive by the United Nations and others suggests that the strain of cholera now ravishing Haiti may have originated with U.N. peacekeepers in Nepal. Read More »

Johnson & Johson launches Crucell takeover bid

The U.S. pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson recently launched a bid to take over the Dutch vaccine-maker Crucell. Read More »

Haitian cholera strain matches South Asia sample

Researchers have recently determined that the strain of cholera that has emerged in Haiti in recent weeks matches bacterial samples from the disease taken in South Asia, not Latin America. Read More »

Household contacts have high risk of contracting multidrug-resistant TB

A Lima, Peru, study showed that the household contacts of patients who have multidrug-resistant tuberculosis have a high risk of contracting the disease and should be focused upon in screening and drug susceptibility testing. Read More »

Flu vaccination rate disparities revealed

A recent study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that the disparity in flu vaccination rates between elderly whites, Hispanics and African-Americans rises when vaccine supplies are delayed or limited. Read More »

Plan announced to eradicate TB in Vietnam

The National Tuberculosis Prevention Program has announced a plan to eliminate tuberculosis from Vietnam by the year 2030, which includes a strategy to cut the disease in half by 2015. Read More »

Three cases of chikungunya reported in Brazil

Health officials in Brazil have reported three cases of chikungunya, a viral infection spread by mosquitoes that can cause severe joint pain and fever. Read More »

Ten H1N1 deaths reported in Great Britain

Concern in Great Britain about H1N1 influenza, or swine flu, is growing after the Health Protection Agency announced that 10 people have died from the illness in the last six weeks. Read More »

Data on universal flu vaccine presented

The London-based SEEK, a privately owned and funded pharmaceutical company, has presented data on the successful conclusion of Phase I safety and tolerability studies for its universal influenza vaccine, FLU-v. Read More »

Nicaragua begins immunization program

Nicaragua recently began a routine immunization program to prevent the deadliest forms of pneumonia only a year after the vaccine was introduced in the developing world. Read More »

Older asthma patients may need higher H1N1 vaccine dose

A new government study suggests older patients with severe asthma may need a higher dose of the H1N1 vaccine in order for it to work effectively. Read More »

Dominican Republic reports rise in cholera cases

Health officials in the Dominican Republic have reported five new cases of cholera - three of them in Banica, which lies near the border of Haiti - and believe that the disease is making its way inland from Haiti. Read More »

Intercell ceases development of traveler's diarrhea vaccine

The vaccine firm Intercell has decided to cease further development of a late-stage patch-based traveler Read More »